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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fulani Herdsmen Killed 90 People Including Women & Children At Egba Village In Benue State

In a very sad development, It was a bloody Sunday in Benue state, after suspected Fulani insurgents alleged killed 90 people including women and children at Egba village, in Agatu local government area of the state.

Vanguard gathered from a local in the community that the number may well exceed the currently figure since many were still missing and unaccounted for.

“The search for victims and survivors is still ongoing, but there is no doubt that the figure may rise because the entire village is like a killing field with blood stench everywhere and many still missing.” He said.

Only In Nigeria: President GoodLuck Johnathan Arrived At Eko Hotel - Cars Parked On The Road Side Tyres Deflated

Nigeria president GoodLuck Jonathan is in Lagos for an interactive session with entertainers and according to singer Lami Philips this happened to her and other car owners. Read Tweets from the Nigerian Artist Lami Philips..

Lauryn Hill! Is That You? Check Out Her Facial Expression At The Cutting Room In NYC

So this is the expression on Lauryn Hill face during her performance at the Cutting Room in NYC last night. lmao no words.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dbanj Sexually Molested On Stage

The Kokomaster pictured being sexually molested by South African girls on stage..but he looks like he's enjoying it

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Read The Blind Item That Predicted Bobbi Kristina's Tragedy

Back in March 2014, the guys at Crazy Days and Nights, wrote that Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, Nick Gordon will end up killing her. Fast forward to February 2015 and the 21 year old heir to Whitney Houston's fortune is fighting for her life after she was found unconscious in a bathtub. Criminal investigation is now targeting Nick Gordon.

March 28, 2014
For the past few months things have been getting worse. What was always a volatile relationship has turned more violent than volatile. Family members have tried to help this C list reality star offspring of this former A+ list entertainer(singer). From people I have spoken to who have been inside the home of our C lister, things are bad. There are drugs everywhere. There is cash everywhere. It is like watching Scarface. The significant other of our C lister thinks he is the next Scarface. The thing is he sucks at business. He just uses the money of our C lister to make it seem like he is making millions of dollars. Instead he is spending every cent she gets in the second it comes in and has made her sign all types of documents which have basically cost her most of her future income for the next few years. When he doesn’t keep her drugged up he beats her. He has all kinds of recordings of her doing anything he can think of just to keep her in line. He says he will release it all if she tries to leave him. She is scared of him and loves him at the same time. When he is wasted the beatings can be rough and there have been shots fired more than once. Everyone knows he is going to end up killing her one night. She will try and leave and he won’t like that and will shoot her and kill her. The family hopes she can escape, but she has no place to go that she would accept help from.

US Government Dissapointed Over Postponement Of Elections In Nigeria

The US Government has expressed disappointment over the postponement of Nigeria's general election which was announced last night by INEC chairman, Prof. Jega. Below is a statement by the US Secretary of State John Kerry posted on the US Department of State website

The United States is deeply disappointed by the decision to postpone Nigeria’s presidential election, which had been scheduled for February 14. Political interference with the Independent National Electoral Commission is unacceptable, and it is critical that the government not use security concerns as a pretext for impeding the democratic process. The international community will be watching closely as the Nigerian government prepares for elections on the newly scheduled dates.
The United States underscores the importance of ensuring that there are no further delays. As I reaffirmed when I visited Lagos last month, we support a free, transparent, and credible electoral process in Nigeria and renew our calls on all candidates, their supporters, and Nigerian citizens to maintain calm and reject election-related violence.