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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taking Advicing & Moving On With A Partner Who Cheated

 Hey guys, i know its been a long time i wrote anything about relationship, been having lots of questions sent to me lately so wanna help any one out there going through pains in their relationship... 

You love someone and they cheated on you its hard to forgive and forget but at the same time you don't wanna make decision you will regret for a long time. You might have friends around you saying stuff like oh drop him and all that no relationship is perfect they is ups and down yes they is betrayal that's the hardest to forget, it takes time but you will heal..

Healing: healing doesn't come from one person in that relationship it comes from you and your partner both of you must be ready to heal and do everything possible to heal forget and move on, I'm not talking about 2 weeks it takes time it depends on the dedication and the love you have for one and other. Communication is the key to healing.

 Moving on: Moving on isn't easy, you be thinking about a lot of things while trying to move on will he or she go back, will they do it again.. now you have the need to spy and look into everything your partner do, when you start doing that it means the trust in the relationship is gone now your partner have to make up for his or her betrayal show you they mean and ready to be with you.. if you do wanna move on from being hurt it takes two, both of you need to be dedicated to moving on if not it will never work. If you wanna move on you need to communicate about whatever hurt you (some people don't like to talk even when they hurting, please try and show how you feel if you cant talk about them)

Decision: Whatever you do don't let anybody make decisions for you in your relationship, or anything else in your life, they is nothing wrong with advice you can listen to them and take what you need from it if it ain't good then follower your heart. You don't need to talk to nobody to move on in your life about thing important to you..

 Here are  reasons why you shouldn't  listen to advice from others

1: you shouldn't listen cause whoever is giving the advice is inexperienced and doesn't really no what's best for you or understand you or they might just don't want the best for you ( yes we do have people out there who aren't happy because you are happy get use to it) that's why you should keep your relationship/problems to yourself

 2: you shouldn't listen cause, they just wanna listen so they can share with other, they is nothing worst than trusting someone with your pain and they are sharing it with someone else. Its wrong and that's another reason why you shouldn't.

3. When it’s women offering the advice, it’s a whole of lot of “how to avoid dating a jerk.” Either way, these people are way too cynical to be advising anyone and should just stick to angrily yelling at couples as they walk by in the park until they’re ready to rejoin the rest of us in the bar without making a scene. So to let you all know some people are angry and bitter and you do not wanna take advice from them trust me lol.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Take Advice From Others 

1: why you should seek advice; they might just be going through the same thing and need help too but have no one to share it with and when you have someone you share the same pain with you tend to make good choices together.

2: Someone who truly care about you, whether it’s your mother or your lifelong friend, will give you heartfelt words of wisdom. they wont want you to make bad choice they will give you advice and still let you make your own choice because they care about you and they want you to grow.

3: Take advice from someone who really wanna help, someone who is more experience in relationship, like your mother gran mother mother in-law name older people, they do give good advice and have experience one or two failure, we grow from our failure, what we fail in we tend to get back up stronger and better.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

LOL: Check Out The New McDonald's Happy Meal Toy

Check out the new McDonald's happy meal toy. 'They say it's a chicken. Does this in any way look like chicken? Lol

PHOTO: President Barrack Obama's Daughter Sasha Obama & Her Homecoming Date

President Obama's second daughter Sasha Obama, 14, went on her very first date with this cutie. She looked lovely as she posed with him as they headed to homecoming this weekend. I wonder what sort of background check he went through lol. I like that the Obama's are letting their daughters do normal teenage stuff.

39 Years Old Married Man Poisons 25 Years Old Pregnant Girlfriend Chinonye Ella & Buries Her In Shallow Grave

39-year-old Chamberlin Ojoko, has been arrested after he allegedly gave his pregnant girlfriend, Chinonye Ella, 25, a local abortion concoc­tion.
The concoction caused fatal adverse reaction that resulted in her death, on July 20, 2015.  Ojoko was alleged to have calmly gone home to borrow a shovel from his brother, Pastor Sopuruchi and buried the corpse of the deceased girlfriend in a shallow grave, which he dug at the back of an uncom­pleted building owned by one Dr Maduakolam Ukaegbu, a kinsman.

According to the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Taiwo Lakanu, the chain of events that ultimately led to the untimely death of Chinonye began the day she boarded the same bus with Ojoko in December 2014, at Achingali, in Obowo Local Government Area, Imo State.
They chatted along the way as the trip progressed and then exchanged phone numbers. While Chinonye lived in Umuahia, Ojoko on his part resided in Port Harcourt. Over the intervening period, Ojoko regularly invited her to Owerri, where they would lodge in a hotel and have fun. After each visit, he would give her N3,000 to N4,000 to cover her trans­portation costs. This continued until Chinonye informed him that she had become pregnant.

Apparently, the news that she had conceived was not well received by Ojoko, who set about sourcing for a local concoction, probably after convincing her on the need to abort the innocent unborn child.
Lakanu explained further that on July 20, 2015, the suspect took Chi­nonye to an uncompleted building at Ezeakam Eziudo, his community, where he gave her the local abortion concoction. Within hours, her condition became critical as intense pain wracked her body, particularly around the stomach.
At the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command, where he is being held in custody while investi­gations continue, Ojoko recounted to Sunday Sun, what happened that fateful night he gave his girlfriend the abortion concoction.

He said: “On July 20, 2015, I took my girlfriend to an uncom­pleted building around 6:30pm. My girlfriend took the herbal medicine, but later she started writhing in pain. Then she died. I ran to my house and took a shovel; I carried her body to the side of the building. I dug the ground and buried her in a shallow grave.”
Believing in his heart that he had covered his deed like Cain, who killed his brother Abel, Ojoko re­turned to Port Harcourt, to the warm embrace of his unsuspecting and pregnant wife. But unknown to him, a certain little girl had seen him carry out the dead body of Chinonye, and dump it in the grave he dug. The little girl later told the owner of the building about the horrific crime she saw. After the shock of the reve­lation wore off, Dr. Ukaegbu ran to the Ezinihitte police station to report what he was told by the girl.

The police station contacted the Head of the Homicide Unit at the Imo State headquarters in Owerri, Supol Inno­cent Obi, who led his men, Pastor Sopuruchi Ojoko (brother of the suspect) and Dr. Ukaegbu, to Port Harcourt, where Chamberlain Ojoko was arrested.
Giving further insight to the inci­dent, brother of the suspect, Pastor Sopuruchi Ojoko, told Sunday Sun:
“I saw my brother Chamberlin Ojoko and his girlfriend on that day around 3.00pm. They didn’t enter our house in the compound; instead they walked toward Eziudo road. About 9:00pm, I saw that my elder brother, Chamberlin, returned to the house without the girl.
“He requested for shovel and took it to the bush. He didn’t return till 11:00pm. I asked him where he was coming from at that late hour; he said he went to the toilet. I asked him, why he came to the village without informing us. He replied that he was working at the building site. I saw bruises and wounds on his hand. When information got to us that my elder brother murdered his girl­friend, I had to take the policemen to Port-Harcourt to arrest him.”
On August 15, 2015, the body of the deceased girlfriend was ex­humed and autopsy conducted. The policemen discovered how he used the deceased girlfriend’s cloth to choke her. There were stains of the victim’s blood at the uncompleted building. The police also learnt that the suspect threw away the handset of the deceased girlfriend.

As it stands now, Lakanu said the Command is concerned to locate the relations of the deceased given that her handset which could have offered assistance in this regard was thrown away by the suspect.
“We want members of the public to assist us and provide information that would help us find the relations of the deceased. We learnt from the suspect that the deceased resided in Umuahia, Abia State, before her demise,” Lakanu pleaded.

70 Years Old Amos Otene Resurrected After He Was Certified Dead By Medical Practitioners In Makurdi Benue State Nigeria

70-year-old Amos Otene reportedly resurrected after he was certified dead by medical practitioners in Makurdi, Benue State.
According to a report, Doctors at a private hospital in the town had, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, certified Otene dead at 4.30 a.m. and wheeled him into the mortuary where his was for 30 hours awaiting instructions from members of the family for embalming.
According to reports, Otene had had a toothache and was rushed to the private clinic, on Tuesday, August 25. A day later, he was certified dead and the doctors whose names were not mentioned in the report wanted to embalm him but because there was no family member to give the go-ahead, they instructed that his body be wheeled to the morgue.

30 hours later, Eche Otene, the son of the ‘deceased’, who lives in Lafia, Nasarawa State, went to the morgue to identify his father's body, however when he got there, his father raised his hand to acknowledge the presence of his son and followed that gesture by sitting up on the mortuary trolley.

The question everyone want answered is: Was the man sentenced to death by an inexperienced medical team or did he actually die but was brought back to life by God?

People who believe in science think Pa Otene could not have died in the first place and the question of resurrection was out of the question. The only explanation, according to a Makurdi-based medical practitioner, Dr. Ameh Edace, is that the  retiree could only have been “in a long coma”.
The Medical Director of Rekiya Memorial Hospital, Kaduna, Dr. Bello Mohammed, said that “in the history of medicine, there has not been any case of anybody coming back to life after being certified dead.” He added:

“If a person is pronounced clinically dead, he remains dead and there is no way he can come back to life, certainly not after 24 hours. On this case in question, the only medical explanation is that the patient was in a long coma.”
To this school of thought therefore, if  doctors  had certified Pa Otene dead, then the competence of such  doctors  should be called to question.

There are others who think it's a miracle by God who brought him back to life.

Is this a case of a miracle or medical incompetence?

35 Years Old Single Mother Terrified Of Her 9 Years Old Child Who Violently Attacks Her

35 year old Chloe Peck collects her 9 year old daughter from school she is filled with a dread which sometimes makes her want to walk past the gates without stopping.
Because when she meets Macey, nine, the single mum has no idea if she will be faced with her well-behaved, ­affectionate child – or the violent ­“nightmare” who regularly causes her physical injury.
Two years ago, Macey developed a habit of flying into uncontrollable rages and she will now lash out on a daily basis – screaming, beating and throwing any available object at her mother.

Desperate Chloe, who often resorts to hiding in her room, has asked authorities for help for herself and Macey – yet her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
Macey’s school has twice ­contacted social services but she has been rejected for treatment as her behavior was not considered to be at “crisis point”.
Chloe said:

“I would just love for ­someone to listen and get her assessed. Do I have to end up in hospital to get support? One minute she’s adorable, the next a monster – it’s Jekyll and Hyde.
“She’ll get so angry and ­violent, ­hitting, kicking or throwing any object in sight at me and then it’ll be like a comedown.
“She’ll get down and start apologising, telling me she loves me and she’s sorry. “I feel guilty because although she’s remorseful I’m so upset I can’t comfort her. I just want her to go away.

Chloe told how she and her other children live in fear of Macey, not knowing when her next fit of rage will come.
She said:
“In the past week, ­rather than me hiding in my room we have fitted metal bolts on the kitchen door so that if she goes into a fit of rage we can put her out in the hallway to calm down.
“Family and friends are shocked when I say what’s happened. Macey tends to ­behave the way she does when it is just us in the house – not around strangers or other people.
“But they know it’s true. Obviously my other kids witness it and they’d never doubt me ­anyway. The school knows I’m at breaking point, which is why it stepped in. But she doesn’t kick off at school, she’s more clingy with the teachers.

“It’s just me she attacks at home – and her siblings if they try to intervene. I’m 5ft 6in, she comes up to my ­shoulders. Half the reason I try to put space between us when she’s in a rage is I’m worried I might lose control and hit back.”
The distraught teaching ­assistant,added:
“I feel guilty, like I’m failing her as a mother, but my friends and family remind me my other children do not have anger problems. The thing is, she is lovely when she is not in a rage. You would never know. People don’t believe me when I say because she is such a lovely girl.”
Chloe recalled how Macey was a “sweet, quiet girl” growing up, who enjoyed dancing, ­swimming and playing by herself.
She said: “I was always very protective of her as I had problems in pregnancy and she was five weeks premature.
“I didn’t even get to hold her, she was rushed to the antenatal unit for a week before I could take her home. She had a few health problems she still has today – a lazy left eye and a ­connective tissue disorder – which means she has problems with her joints but it could develop and attack her organs.
“The condition’s problems don’t tend to show until they’re in late teens. She has to be checked every six months at the hospital to monitor it.”
But Chloe, who has three other children – Cienna, six, Lilani, 12, and Kian, 15, with Macey’s dad – has been unable to control her daughter’s ­behaviour for two years.
She said: “It started in the school ­holidays a few years ago. There was no reason I can think of that triggered it. Overnight, she went from this sweet, happy, docile child to this monster. “I told her ‘no’ to something trivial and she just flipped – started slapping my legs and screaming. It caused such a ­commotion that my neighbour asked if I was OK.”

Chloe explained that Macey’s behaviour and anger problems have spiralled out of control from that moment. There is also a pattern to her behaviour.
“It’s always when I tell her she can’t have or do something. It’s never over anything serious, just standard stuff that mums tell their kids they can’t do. It’s like she wants to control me.”
Macey’s rages, which typically last two hours, can happen up to three times a day. But in January things took a ­terrifying turn for the worse.
Chloe said:
“I was at the kitchen table in my dressing gown and I said ‘no’ over something. She grabbed the hood and pulled it over my head to ­strangle me. I was screaming, ­struggling to breathe.”
Fortunately, Macey’s brother stepped in and ­restrained her. Chloe said:
“He was furious with her, telling her she can’t do that to her mum. He seems to be the only one who can calm her down.”
A few weeks later, Macey beat her mum round the head until she fell to the ground in tears.
“I had to pick myself up and hide in my room. It was horrible”
Since then, it has escalated uncontrollably, with Chloe unable to do anything except let Macey burn herself out.
She added: “Nothing will calm her down – she wears herself out, basically.”
Macey’s school tried to help by contacting social services , ­recommending Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services. But she has been rejected twice and Chloe will now accept any help she can get.
She added: “We keep getting rejected. They say no in a letter. I’ve been left in the dark and it’s frustrating.

Kim Kardashian West Canceled Her Baby Shower To be With Lamar Odom On His Sick Bed

Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas Saturday afternoon to visit Lamar Odom, pregnant Kim Kardashian broke her silence by posting a throw back photo of her and Lamar and captioned it:

"I believe in the power of prayer! Thank you all for your prayers," she captioned an Instagram post last night. "Lammy-So happy Kendall & I could make u smile 2day! God is good!"
Kim canceled her baby shower that was planned for this weekend in light of what happened,
Earlier yesterday Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner also flew to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to visit Lamar.
Khlo√© Kardashian on her part has been sleeping in Lamar's room every night and has yet to leave the city since arriving hours after he was admitted at Sunrise Hospital.

Kourtney is taking care of her kids and Nori in LA.