Maureen Renfro's Blog: Colour Blocking: Fact, Tips and Tricks

Friday, July 20, 2012

Colour Blocking: Fact, Tips and Tricks

As a new fashion trend sweeps across Nigeria, fashion junkies who are rocking the out-going trend seem to be indecisive whether or not to go along with this new tide.

Some people refer to it as colour riot, fashion abuse and others the “in thing”; I sincerely agree that it could be both depending on your style and perfection.

While embracing “daring” colours is something some of us are doing in this season from the orange bags to the green pants and purple blazers, others seem lost in this colour craziness. There are certain rules that come along with each fashion trend just like the 80’s had its long skirts and corsets to this present era, in  colour blocking, there are no rules!!! The bolder you get, the more the trend comes to life. 

The point of colour blocking is to be found in colours you never thought you can be seen in. Mix colours up with a little bit of your style, go wild! Orange is always a good colour to colour block.

In combining colours be sure to think “out of the closet”, you can rock colours like pink, purple, blue, yellow, mustard, orange,
red, grey , white and the likes of them. If you are a shy person, make use of basic black and white neutral colours like beige.
To rock this trend well, consider the colours in relation to your skin tone and personality make sure they are flattering.
The beauty of colour blocking is that it can be used to maximize your curves; you can use a neutral colour to minimize the parts
you want to play down and a bold colour to accentuate the areas you want to emphasize on. Feel free to always rock this trend with your accessories. Basic Do’s in colour blocking
-wear this style with neutral accessories
-little or nude makeup would definitely suffice
-try adding a shade of black to even things up, a black belt or a
-please try not to overdo it with colour blocking.