Maureen Renfro's Blog: How To know You Are Falling In Love

Monday, July 30, 2012

How To know You Are Falling In Love

 Love or no love, grass doesn’t get greener! How do you know you’re in love? In most people falling in love is a frame of mind, a mentality marked by a feeling of general elation. Falling in love is known to be one of the most beautiful feelings you ever experience. Or at least falling in love for the first time is! So are you in love? Check yourself out for these indications of falling in love.

How To know You Are Falling In Love

People often ask whether the signs of falling in love are different for men as compared to the signs seen and experienced by women. Frankly, I don’t think so. The signs don’t depend on the gender of the person, they depend on the type of person the man or woman falling in love is. For example, a dreamy person may experience different signs of falling in love than a realistic one. So what are the signs of falling in love? The following questionnaire is a rough guide for all of you, whether realistic or dreamy, on whether you see these signs of falling in love in yourself. So the grass, the roses and the cheesiness aside, here’s a questionnaire about the typical signs of being in love.

»Do you feel butterflies (happy, not anxiety butterflies. Know the difference?) in your stomach every time you see the person or talk to him/her?

»So you feel like talking to him/her all the time, getting to know that person better, their likes and dislikes, and their deepest secrets? Listening is fine, do you feel like sharing your choices and secrets without being asked to?

»Does seeing that person bring a natural, inexplicable smile to your face?

»Do your friends think you ramble too much about just one person all the time?

»Do you share a comfort with them like you have never shared before with someone of the opposite sex?

»Do you worry for them, how they are, and are they fine?

»Do you sometimes sit back and think about all the good times the two of you have had together? Do you get all nostalgic and start smiling to yourself illogically?

»Do you often find yourself giving in to the decisions or choices made by him/her? For example, say you want to do B over the weekend but he/she wants to do Z which you completely hate. Would you go ahead with it uncomplainingly?

»Have you suddenly become a real good listener?

»Do you feel comfortable in appearing psychologically or sexually vulnerable to him/her?

»Do you find most things you cared for a lot before peripheral and secondary to his/her needs?

»Have you stopped looking at other guys/girls when you’re with him/her?

»Do you feel compelled to text her a ‘good night’ each night, perhaps accompanied with a sweet quote or poem?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then perhaps you are falling in love with this person!

But more than any of the above indications of falling in love, the most reliable one is that YOU yourself know it! You can feel it yourself. An unbelievable desire to talk to, to meet and to be with that person! And a feeling of emptiness when he/she isn’t there.