Maureen Renfro's Blog: 25 Facts About Intercourse - The Mystery Of Sex

Friday, August 31, 2012

25 Facts About Intercourse - The Mystery Of Sex

  1. In several countries, some new brides place tiny bags containing chicken’s blood into the vagina prior to intercourse to prove the hymen was intact before marriage. In other countries, women have placed congealed sheep’s blood in their vaginas for the same purpose.
  2. Sex and orgasm (from the Greek orga, meaning “to swell with moisture”) can alleviate menstrual cramps and menstrual migraines. While some couples avoid sex during menses, a diaphragm or cervical cap can decrease the amount of menstrual blood.
  3. sex brain
    The brain is the most powerful sex organ
  4. Many researchers consider the skin to be the largest sex organ and the brain to be the most powerful.
  5. According to the Kinsey Institute, the average speed of sperm during ejaculation is 28 mph.
  6. The record for the most female orgasms is 134 in one hour.
  7. Between 10-12% of women in the U.S. have never experienced an orgasm. Marilyn Monroe, an international sex symbol, reportedly never experienced an orgasm with any of her famous lovers.
  8. Because there is an increase in blood circulation around the genitals during a woman’s period, she may experience more powerful orgasms during this time.
  9. Having sex regularly is known to have amazing health benefits, such as promoting the body’s production of germ-fighting antibodies, strengthening the pelvic floor, burning calories, stabilizing the menstrual cycle, and providing natural pain relief through orgasms.
  10. A woman who feels good about her genitals is six more times more likely to be sexually satisfied than a woman who does not.
  11. Women are capable of having different types of orgasms, depending on the stimulation. The clitoral orgasm is the most commonly known, often the most powerful, and the most often achieved. The second type is a vaginal orgasm. The third kind is a blended orgasm, or when a woman’s vagina and clitoris are simultaneously stimulated. Some women can also have an orgasm through kissing, nipple stimulation, or simply pressing their legs together.
  12. Not all sexual positions lend themselves well to female orgasm. Rear-entry positions, for example, miss the clitoris entirely.
  13. Female ejaculation is not a myth. A woman’s ejaculate has a similar chemical makeup to semen (minus the sperm). A woman can ejaculate a teaspoon or a cupful.
  14. large breasts
    Large breasts do not respond better sexually than small breasts
  15. Contrary to popular belief, large breasts do not respond sexually better than small breasts.
  16. The Gräfenberg Spot, or G-spot, is named after Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg who in 1950 found that stimulation of a particular area in the vagina could trigger powerful orgasms, female ejaculation, and arousal. Some women undergo G-spot amplification, which is a surgery to enhance sensitivity in that area.
  17. A man will ejaculate 1/2 trillion sperm in his lifetime.
  18. The amount of semen (from the Latin for “seed”) produced with each ejaculation is 1-2 teaspoons. The typical man will produced about 14 gallons of semen throughout his life.
  19. A creature named Funisia dorothea is thought by most scientists to be the first animal on the Earth to have sex, pushing back the history of sex by up to 30 million years. Researchers have identified its capacity for sexual rather than asexual reproduction. It was named after paleontologist Mary Droser’s mother Dorothy Droser.
  20. According to Polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, the natives of the South Pacific coined the phrase “missionary position,” because the newly arrived Christian missionaries were shocked that people in the South Pacific had sex in several positions, not just one.
  21. Intercourse has also been called “afternoon delight,” “dancing the mattress,” “rumbusticating,” “shtupping,” “spearing the bearded clam,” and “testing the mattress.”
  22. In 26 states, impotence is grounds for divorce.
  23. man housework
    Men who help with housework have more sex
  24. Men who help with housework also tend to have more sex.
  25. Lisa Sparxx, a porn star, had intercourse with 919 men in 24 hours, setting a new world record in 2004.
  26. The pubococcygeal muscle (the PC muscle) is at the base of the penis in men and surrounds the vagina in women. A strong, well-exercised PC muscle will improve orgasms for both men and women.
  27. At least 3/4 of all men and women in the U.S. have had sex by the time they are in their late teens. More than 2/3 of sexually experienced teens have had more than two sexual partners.
  28. According to the 2009/2010 Durex Global Sex survey, couples in Greece  have the most sex, approximately 164 times per year. Brazil follows a close second with 145 times per year. The global average is 103.