Maureen Renfro's Blog: What Is The Meaning Of Karma Or Karma Meaning?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Is The Meaning Of Karma Or Karma Meaning?

Do you know the meaning of karma?

We constantly hear the word 'karma' in conversations without knowing the true meaning of the word. Someone may be describing an accident or a terrible incident that has happened in his or her life. Then in the next sentence you hear, "I must have been a terrible person in a past life, I guess it's my karma." Many people use the term without knowing the meaning of karma. They usually use 'karma' to explain bad things that have happened to them, we never hear about karma good. According to Wikipedia, the definition of karma is the concept of "action" or "deed". So it refers to positive and negative experiences. The karma meaning simply refers to the process of cause and effect. Action causes reaction. Whatever you do, something will happen.

 How To Recognize The Meaning Of Karma

Each time we return to earth, we decide with the help of our spiritual guides what lessons we are going to work on. Our spiritual guides help us with our lessons by creating situations that are necessary for us to learn our lessons. In the spiritual realm with regards to the meaning of karma, there is no right or wrong. Our spiritual development is about experience and fulfilling our true purpose. The teachings from religions taught us that we are punished for our sins, but this is a man-made concept solely for the purpose of controlling us. We can decide which body to incarnate into each time we return. For example, you may decide to incarnate into a body that has mental or physical deficiencies, if that is what is needed for you to evolve into a higher consciousness.

 How To Work With The Meaning Of Karma

In order to work with your karma, you need to acknowledge its presence. Are there particular situations that seem to appear regularly during your life? As you may know, nothing happens by chance, it is your karma working to teach you what you need to experience. Perhaps the experiences are obvious to you, but if not, you need to ask the Higher Power for guidance through prayer, meditation, or through your dreams. Once you start to understand the karmic lessons of this present incarnation, you can start working through them. It is always better to work with what is happening rather than go against it otherwise it will appear like you are running into a brick wall. Perhaps you need to learn how to love, or how to acquire money. If you are unsure what your karma is or how to work with your karma, ask for guidance and be open to the answers.