Maureen Renfro's Blog: DMX Lashes Back at Fredro Starr -- 'He's 4 ft. Tall & ALL TALK'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DMX Lashes Back at Fredro Starr -- 'He's 4 ft. Tall & ALL TALK'

DMX is returning fire in his war with Onyx rapper Fredro Starr -- DMX said, he ain't one bit afraid of the guy's death threats ... claiming, Starr's "a midget" who "can't even reach my knee."X says, "I am not worried about him ... All he is is a sitcom Moesha gangsta. He should just stick to being a reality gangsta cause that's about all he's good for." (FYI, Starr appeared on the show "Moesha" back in the 90s.)In case you don't know, DMX is responding to a video Starr posted on YouTube, in which Starr freestyles, "This n***a X talking sh*t right now, If he ever try it again/He be in front of the firing pen/If his crew front, there be a lot of dying men/At the funeral, family and crying friends."Starr laid down the death threat rap after DMX went on a radio show last week, and claimed Starr once got an ass-whupping by one of X's baby mamas. X is blowing off the drama ... claiming Starr "is just trying to use me to get back in the music scene."