Maureen Renfro's Blog: Guess Who This Is

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guess Who This Is

The mystery lady in this photo is not known as a friend of the animals—she wears meat.
She refuses to confirm or deny the presence of fur in her wardrobe, because that would be, like, a crime against art and expression, which is so, so much more important than a mink's ability to breathe, or whatever it is those earthbound creatures do.
Now it appears that natural fibers have declared war on this singer as well. Or maybe these fishnets are polyester—unclear at this hour. Either way, some member of the cloth community clearly has had it up to here with this pop star. And by "up to here," they mean exactly halfway up her hips.
So, who is she?


She's Lady Gaga, of course, currently in the middle of her Born This Way Ball tour. The "Marry the Night" singer is about 5 feet 1 inches in her bare feet—not that she ever allows herself to be photographed in anything but platforms, darling—but it looks like her wardrobe department ran out of leg wear in anything but children's sizes.
Or, like we said, maybe the fishnet community has a problem with Gaga. Whatever she did to piss it off, she'd better make it right—the singer has 6 more months of tour before it's all over.