Maureen Renfro's Blog: What do you do when your husband rape you?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What do you do when your husband rape you?

This is a story I came across and just have to share on there.
A 33 year old woman, who as been married for a year and a half, mother of 3 who just delivered her last baby 7 weeks ago.

  I think my husband just raped me. 

 My husband and I don't have the greatest relationship. We're broke, I'm a SAHM (with a nursing degree), our communication skills are lacking and there's very little affection (mostly due to me). The other night, hubby decided that even though it hadn't been 6 weeks since I had delivered our son, he wanted to have sex. I told him that I wasn't ready, for a multitude of reasons that I didn't go in to, but most importantly, I told him "no " numerous times. I rolled over, pushed his hands away, even tried to get out of bed. He forced himself on me and even hurt me because there was no lubricant. I must admit that although he's my husband, I feel violated, disrespected and traumatized. I'm not sure how to handle this. Any feedback would be appreciated.