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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super High Heels: Is The Hell Worth The Height?

“You’re already six feet tall, why do your heels have to be so high?” (FYI: you're not; you're six feet tall in high heels…) “You’ll regret it later.” There is scientific evidence that variably elongating your stems, regardless how fierce the shoe, is not good for your health. The short of it: high heels beyond two inches (so unfair) can cause ankle sprains, bunions, hammer toes, shortened calf muscles, torn Achilles tendons, and stress fractures. Not too bad, huh? It’s not like you’re losing a foot? The worse of it: osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and Freiberg Infraction. Yikes! On top of all those issues (trust me they are not good), you can also cause anterior loading or uneven dissemination of weight on the front part of the knee, strain on your hips, knees…wait for it… your lower back. Dang. As we take a moment of silence for that tidbit of information. According to Frugivore Magazine we can preserve
our high heel sexy in five doable ways,

1. Vary Your Choices and Styles Switch up your shoes choices. Six inches on Monday, sneakers on Wednesday, Doc Martins on Saturday.

2. Be Sure To Stretch, May sound silly, but stretching helps—do it!

3. Wear Insoles Insoles can provide extra comfort than what the shoe provides. Stock up!

4. Pay Attention to Shape Buy varied shoe shapes. One particular shape may not be the most gentle for your foot. Switch it up!

5. Visit a Chiropractor or Podiatrist Keep your foot health in check! We only get one pair of feet. While there are no plans to get rid of my heels, amma take note of this information.

Miley Cyrus Vs. Selena Gomez: Whose Career Looks Better In 2012?

Four years ago teens teamed up and took sides in the battle of Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez. All it took was bickering over one
adolescent heartthrob, Nick Jonas, and two concurrent airing television shows to spark rivalry amongst the two young starlets. In 2008 they were both in their prime, starring in two of Disney's biggest hits: Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. The shows enabled the actresses to become triple threats as they ventured into music and film careers. Who takes the win for 2012? Miley Ray Cyrus: Was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee to Tish and country's one hit
wonder, Billy Ray Cyrus. Multitude of smiles as a baby earned her the nickname “smiley” which was later shortened to
Miley. She later changed her middle name to Ray in honor of her grandfather who passed away. Although, it was suspected that she changed her middle name to match her famous father. In earlier years, her father took her to see a production of Momma Mia and it was then that she revealed her desire to act. Struggling actress? Her first role was on Doc, her father's television show At age 11, her family caught news of casting for a new Disney Channel television show called Hannah Montana. She originally sent a tape to play the best friend on the show but she was told that she was too young. A year later, producers asked her to come back and audition for the show. She was cast as the main character; however, producers decided to change the premise of the show by changing the main characters name to Miley and having her biological father, Billy Ray, cast as the father on the show. Did Miley get the part because of her acting chops or did the producers see an even bigger vision by having Billy Ray and his daughter, Miley, as key characters on the show? Nevertheless, the show became one of the highest-rated
series on basic cable. Miley signed an album deal with Disney and put out a double album with the first half catering to her character on Hannah Montana and the second half debuting herself as a solo artist. She went on to make two films: The Hannah Montana Movie and The Last Song. She also released two additional albums. Controversy Timeline: In 2007 she had a photo on her private MySpace page of her and a female friend sharing a piece of licorice. It looked as
though they were almost kissing. In 2008 her e-mail account got hacked and photos were released of her in her underwear. Also, in that same year, she was photographed in Vanity Fair by photographer Annie Leibovitz. She was wrapped in a bed sheet which gave the illusion of her being topless. In 2009 she
performed Party in the U.S.A. at the Teen Choice Awards where she was criticized for a brief pole dancing routine on stage. In 2010, TMZ released a video of Miley at 18 smoking
with friends out of a bong. Miley claimed that she was smoking the psychoactive plant, Salvia Divinorum. Miley is engaged to the Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.
Selena Gomez: So how does Selena Gomez‘s career compare to Miley’s? In
2007, Wizards of Waverly Placed aired and the media named her the next Miley Cyrus which birthed the battle between the two girls. In 2010, she received death threats from fans when they found out that she was dating pop star Justin Bieber. In May 2011, pop singer Pink fired shots Gomez for having pink painted horses in her new music video, I Love You Like A Love Song. However, the pink horses never made the final video – the footage was left on the cutting floor due to. the controversy. The Verdict for 2012 Both entertainers are promoting albums this year through musical tours; however, Cyrus is still promoting 2010 album Can’t be Tamed while Gomez is promoting her 2011 album When the Sun Goes Down. Miley’s controversies appear to be a tortuous screams of adolescent development while Gomez’s controversies are just a mere hyperventilation of the media. Gomez released Monte Carlo last year alongside Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester. What did Cyrus do in 2011? Oh yeah, she went on tour and promoted her 2010 album. Apparently, Cyrus did not fully finish “partying in the U.S.A.” Who do you think won the battle for better in 2012?

Bathroom Gel Nose Wash Shower Dispenser

Would you use this in your bathroom?

10 Things to Do Even if They Judge You

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Truth be told, no one has the right to judge you.  People may have heard your stories, but they can’t feel what you are going through; they aren’t living YOUR life.  So forget what they say about you.  Focus on how you feel about yourself, and do what you know in your heart is right.
Here are ten things to do even if others judge you for it: 
1. Take care of yourself. – Your relationship with yourself is the closest and most important relationship you will ever have.  If you don’t take good care of yourself, then you can’t take good care of others either; which is why taking care of yourself is the best selfish thing you can do. 

2. Do what you know is right, for YOU. – Don’t be scared to walk alone, and don’t be scared to like it.  Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, drama, or negativity stop you from being the best you can be.  Keep doing what you know in your heart is right, for you.  Because when you are totally at peace within yourself, nothing can shake you.

3. Follow your own unique path. – Every new day is a chance to change your life.  Work on making life all that you want it to be.  Work hard for what you believe, and keep your dreams big and your worries small.  You never need to carry more than you can hold; just take it one day at a time.  And while you’re out there making decisions instead of excuses, learning new things, and getting closer and closer to your goals, know that there are others out there, like me, who admire your efforts and are striving for greatness too.

4. Lock yourself away from the world and work on your goals. – Dream big dreams, but realize that short term, realistic goals are the key to success.  Success is directly connected with daily action.  The way we spend our time defines who we are.  Successful people keep moving, by doing small things every day that bring them a couple steps closer to their dream.  They make mistakes along the way, but they don’t quit – they learn and press on. 

5. Adjust your goals and dreams as life changes. – A great deal of pain in life comes from having a specific dream that you’ve fallen in love with, and when it doesn’t work out exactly as planned, you become angry that you now have to pursue a different path.  If you want to tame your inner demons and make the most of life, you must not become rigidly attached to just one specific dream, and remain open to there being an even better, equally as happy path ahead.  Life is unpredictable, but it provides plenty of opportunities to make dreams come true.  Just don’t forget that sometimes taking a positive step forward requires you to slightly adjust your dreams, or plan new ones – it’s OK to change your mind or have more than one dream.

6. Forgive those who have wronged you. – Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong and wise.  Forgiveness allows you to focus on the future without combating the past.  To understand the potential of everything going forward is to forgive everything already behind you.  Without forgiveness, wounds can never be healed, and moving on can never be accomplished.  What happened in the past is just one chapter.  Don’t close the book, just turn the page.

7. Show everyone your love and kindness. – If you are reserving your love only for those who you have decided are worthy of it – all strangers excluded – it may come as a surprise to learn that this is not love at all, it is called judgment.  Judgment is selective, love is all embracing.  Just as the sunlight and the wind do not discriminate, true love does not make any such distinctions either.  Love and kindness is a way of living.  Where there is love, there is no judgment.  Where there is judgment, there is no love.

8. Stand up for others, even if it’s the unpopular thing to do. – Sometimes you will say something really small and simple, but it will fit right into an empty space in someone’s heart.  Dare to reach into the darkness, to pull someone else into the light.  Remember, strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others too, and lend a hand when they’re able.

9. Fight through your failures. – When you are feeling down or dealing with failure, don’t be ashamed.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You are going through a difficult time, and you are still pushing forward.  That’s something to be proud of – that you are fighting through it and slowly rising above it.  Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday, and you will be.

10. Keep your head held high and keep on smiling. – Every day of your life is a page of your history.  The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.  Don’t cry over the past, cry to get over the past.  Don’t smile to hide the pain, smile to heal the pain.  Don’t think of all the sadness in the world, think of all the beauty that still remains around you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Will Smith Raps Fresh Prince Theme, "Summertime" at Gabrielle Union's Birthday

 Saturday night at Gabrielle Union's 40th birthday party, the Fresh Prince himself hopped on the mic. Much to the delight of the cheering crowd (and all of us watching online), the 44-year-old star freestyle-rapped, then broke into his 1991 hit "Summertime" and the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. He had a little help from producer Doug E. Fresh, who provided the beat. Earlier this year, Will delighted Graham Norton's audience with a performance of the Fresh Prince theme. I hope Willow and Jaden realize just how cool their dad is!

Hulk Hogan -- Settles Sex Tape Lawsuit with Bubba the Love Sponge

Hulk Hogan has settled his lawsuit against his ex-BFF, Bubba the Love Sponge, over the sex tape scandal ... but he is pressing on with his lawsuits against Bubba's ex-wife and Gawker Media. Financial terms of the settlement were not released, but clearly a public mea culpa from Bubba, real name Todd Alan Clem, was part of the deal.Bubba released an apology letter today ... saying he now believes Hulk had no idea he was being recorded and that Hulk did not play a part in releasing the tape. Bubba continues ... "It is my belief that Hulk is not involved, and has not ever been involved, in trying to release the video, or exploit it, or otherwise gain from the video’s release in any way." Bubba closed the letter by saying he is "committed to helping Hulk and his attorneys find whoever is responsible for the release of the tape."Hulk is continuing forward with his $100 million lawsuit against Gawker for publishing the tape. He is also seeking damages from Bubba's ex-wife ... the sex tape co-star, Heather Clem.

Beyonce's Ears Could Win Barack Obama the Election

If you like it, then you should put earrings on it -- at least that's what Beyonce did with a brand new pair of Barack Obama hoops last weekend ... and now, sales for the pro-bama jewelry have EXPLODED. The earrings were designed by a Puerto Rican jewelry designer named Erika Pena and up until last week, she had only sold 5 sets of the handmade earrings. But her fortune changed overnight when Beyonce wore them last Saturday in NYC. Since then, Erika said, she's sold over 1,300 PAIRS! Erika said she received orders almost immediately from all over the world -- England, Switzerland, Chile, and Argentina ... with her biggest order coming from London. The earrings currently sell for $32 a pair -- so if our math is correct ... that's like, a ton of money.

Bankrupt Toni Braxton -- Accused of Fraudulently Giving $53,000 to Husband

Toni Braxton fraudulently transferred $53,490 to her estranged husband in order to avoid paying back creditors in her bankruptcy case, so says the trustee of Toni's bankruptcy estate. According to new docs filed in Toni's ongoing bankruptcy case, Toni's estranged husband Keri Lewis received the 5-figure sum after Toni's money was already earmarked to repay creditors. Now, the bankruptcy trustee is suing Lewis to get the money back ... Toni filed for bankruptcy in 2010, claiming she owed between $10 million and $50 million in debts. A rep for Braxton said, "All of the payments made to Lewis prior to Toni’s bankruptcy filing were appropriate transfers for reasonable and necessary personal and business expenses in the ordinary course of her business."The rep adds Toni will continue to provide the trustee whatever info is needed to address the allegation.

Kardashians Threatened with Lawsuit Over Cheap Makeup Line, Cheap Trick

The Kardashians have been accused of a cheap cover-up, stealing the name of a high-end make-up line and slapping it on their own drugstore brand ... so claims the dude who sells the fancy products. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are launching Khroma Beauty ... a cosmetics line you can get next month at not-so-fancy places like CVS, Sears, and Ulta. Michael Rey, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Bev Hills said .... his brand took 12 years of blood, sweat and tears to build and now boasts an A-List clientele but he grouses the Kardashians line cheapens his products and creates confusion in the marketplace. Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills ... thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ....and they'll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma. Michael says he's hired a legal team, but hasn't made contact with the Kardashians just yet. He hopes they'll change the name -- but if they don't he's prepared to take legal action. Michael has drafted a letter to his customers making it as clear as concealer --- Chroma in NO WAY is associated with the "low-budget cosmetic products" the Kardashians are hocking.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Share Loving Tweets on One-Year Anniversary

Has it been one year already?! Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart marked their first anniversary yesterday, helpfully clearing up any lingering questions as to when the pop star and her backup dancer actually started dating. And how did they let us in on the love? Via Twitter, of course! "?@BEAUcasperSMART BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is OUR's!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful smile with me everyday! ?#SpecialDay ?#LOVE!" Lopez tweeted Smart, whose real first name is Beau, yesterday morning. Replied Smart: "Happy 1 yr. anniversary to the most Gorgeous, Kind, Sweet, Funny, Beautiful Lil Bear in the world.... Love Bear ?#October25" He also retweeted an enthusiastic fan who chimed in: "Happy 1st Year Anniversary ?@JLo ?@BeauSmart ? ?#Love ?#BeBraveLove ?#Jlovers have a great day !!" We first got clued in to J.Lo's burgeoning romance with her hunky backup dancer last November, roughly four months after she and hubby Marc Anthony called it quits after seven years of marriage. And since then, through rumors both positive (Engaged?! Married?!) and crummy (Exotic massage? Really?), Smart, 25, and Lopez, 43, have persevered. They've traveled and performed together, Smart appeared in Lopez's "Dance Again" video and they were just as cute as can be at Paris Fashion Week. Not to mention, they've made for dozens of photo ops along the way--and we're never ones to complain about that. Happy anniversary!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger Coming Back for Legend of Conan

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in The Legend of Conan, an extension of the Universal Pictures franchise that kicked off in 1982 with Conan the Barbarian, the studio confirmed Thursday. And yes, Schwarzenegger will play the titular warrior again, picking up "where Arnold is now in his life," according to Chris Morgan, who is coproducing with Paradox Entertainment's Fredrik Malmberg. "I always loved the Conan character and I'm honored to be asked to step into the role once again," Schwarzenegger told Deadline, which first reported the news. "I can't wait to work with Universal and the great team of Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan to develop the next step of this truly epic story." Universal, which put out the first Conan flick and its 1984 sequel, Conan the Destroyer, did not have a hand in last year's bomb of a remake of Conan the Barbarian, starring Game of Thrones' rather hunky Jason Momoa as the sword- wielding, loincloth-wearing hero. But with Arnold on board, they sound excited to get back into the game and are hoping to have the film ready for summer 2014. "I love the property of Conan so much that I wouldn't touch it unless we came up with something worthy," Morgan told
Deadline. "We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan's Unforgiven." In fact, The Legend of Conan will proceed as if neither the reboot nor the Destroyer sequel ever happened. "By the end of [Conan of the Barbarian]," Morgan said, "Conan became a certain character, and this film picks him up there, as he faces different challenges that include dealing with age."

Lil Wayne Hospitalized After In- Flight Medical Scare

Lil Wayne made an emergency landing in Texas after suffering seizure-like symptoms on a private jet. A source close to Weezy -- real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. -- said, right after the plane touched down ... the rapper was transported to a local hospital to get treatment on Thursday afternoon. Wayne was at the hospital for several hours ... he checked out around 6 PM. It's unclear if doctors made an exact diagnosis -- but we're told Wayne is "doing better."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diddy Injured in L.A. Car Accident

Diddy was involved in a serious car accident moments ago in L.A, and he was so shaken up by the crash, he had to lie down on the grass. Law enforcement sources said, a car turned left in front of Diddy's SUV and Diddy's driver t-boned the other vehicle. Officers were called to the scene and cops claim everyone involved in the accident complained of pain, including Diddy, his driver, and the other driver. It's unclear how seriously anyone was injured but law enforcement sources said, no one was transported to a hospital, despite an ambulance being called. A report was taken. No citations were issued.

Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez- Jet Blamed in split

It wasn't another woman that got between Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria ... it was 52 other men... Sources connected to the former couple said ....they broke up because Mark was impossible for Eva to be around because he was in such a crappy mood over the NY Jets' horrible season. As one source puts it, "It's hard to maintain a relationship when one person is upset all the time. The Jets are 3-4 and coming off another. heartbreaking loss to Tom Brady's Patriots. Despite the split, we're told the two are serious about remaining friends -- and have nothing but respect for each other.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bobby Brown -- Arrested for DUI Again

Bobby Brown was just arrested for DUI ... for the second time this year. Law enforcement
sources said, Brown was pulled over around 1AM when police observed the singer driving erratically on an L.A. street. According to law enforcement sources, officers approached Brown's vehicle and detected a strong odor of alcohol at which point they asked Brown to get out of his car. Brown performed a field sobriety test, but didn't do very well so he was arrested on suspicion of DUI. He's currently being booked. Brown was previously arrested for DUI in March and sought treatment for alcohol abuse issues over the summer. He also has a DUI conviction on his record from 1996.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Ways to Break Your Own Heart

The worst kind of heartache is the kind you inflict on yourself.

If you don’t want to break your own heart, then don’t…

  1. Let people invalidate or minimize how you feel. – If you feel something, you feel it and it’s real to you.  Nothing anyone says has the power to invalidate that, ever.  No one else lives in your body, or sees life through your eyes.  No one else has lived through your exact experiences.  And so, no one else has the right to dictate or judge how you feel.  Your feelings are important.  Don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise.
  2. Regret every mistake you’ve ever made. – If you regret some of the decisions you’ve made in the past, stop being so hard on yourself.  At that time, you did your best with the knowledge you had.  At that time, you did your best with the experience you had.  Your decisions were made with a younger mind.  If you were to make these decisions with the wisdom you have now, you would choose differently.  So give yourself a break.  Time and experience has a wonderful way of helping us prosper, grow and learn to make better choices today, for ourselves and those we care for.
  3. Take your loved ones for granted. – Someday, for one reason or another, there will be someone you miss dearly.  Missing this person will have nothing to do with how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, or the amount of time since you’ve talked.  It will be about that very moment when you’re doing something and you wish they were right there with you.  So be sure to appreciate every moment you get to spend with the people who matter to you.
  4. Let your ego get the best of you. – Sometimes we choose to be wrong, not because we really are wrong, but because we value our relationship more than our pride.  When two people who care about each other fight, both are wrong.  They have put some kind of superficial outcome over love and compromise.  The one who apologizes and makes up first, is the one who is right.
  5. Get involved in every petty argument that comes your way. – Being strong doesn’t mean you have to stay and fight all the battles and petty arguments that come your way.  Being strong doesn’t mean you have to respond to rude remarks.  Don’t retort by throwing insults back at them.  Don’t bring yourself down to their level.  That’s what they want.  Keep your dignity.  True strength is being smart enough to walk away from all the nonsense with your head held high.  
  6. Join the negativity committee. – No matter how much negativity is thrown at you by others, there is absolutely no need for you to stay put and participate in the self-destruction they choose for their own lives.  You decide how your soul grows.  The extent of your happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts.  So be positive.  Some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet.
  7. Rush love. – A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each other’s present, and love each other enough to encourage each other’s future.  So don’t rush love.  Find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back.  This is what true love is all about, and it’s always worth the wait.
  8. Hold on to those who don’t want to stay. – It’s really painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go of, but it’s even more painful to hold on to them if they never wanted to stay in the first place.  If someone doesn’t show you the same love that you show them, and acts as if you are unimportant most of the time, this may be a big clue as to the fact that you don’t need them in your life either.  The only people you truly need in your life are those who respect you and want you to be in theirs.
  9. Ignore every bit of constructive criticism you receive. – The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.  A true friend will always speak the truth, even if it hurts.  So don’t assume that every critic in your life is a hater.  Not everyone is hating on you.  Some people truly care about you, and are simply telling you the truth that you have been subconsciously denying. 
  10. Give up on yourself. – Maneuvering through difficult times is a lot like driving through dense fog.  You can’t always see where you’re going, you feel a little lost, you want to turn back, and every mile feels like forever.  Yet, scared or fatigued as you might be, there’s nothing you can do but breathe, focus on the road ahead, keep moving forward, and trust that a force with keener vision than yours is out there functioning as your guide.

10 Things Winners Do Differently

Anyone can give up, and lots of people do, because it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.  But to keep going when everyone would understand if you stopped, that’s what winners do differently.  In fact, this is the most significant principle of winning.  Because without this kind of determination and persistence, the first nine points in this article wouldn’t matter.  But when you combine determination and persistence, as described in point #10 below, with each of the other nine points below, that’s when the real magic happens.

On their relentless road to victory, winners…

  1. Take 100% responsibility. – Your life is your statement to the world, representing your values, beliefs, and dreams.  It is yours to create, to enjoy or not enjoy, to fight or to be at peace.  In the end, the very best years of your life will be the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.  You do not blame them on your parents, society, or the economy.  You realize that you control your own destiny. 
  2. Focus on the controllable. – Life is a balance between what we can and cannot control.  You must learn to live comfortably between effort and surrender.  Life does not owe you anything; it has already given you everything you need.  Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way;  it is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way.
  3. Eliminate the wrong things. – The true price of anything you do is the amount of time you exchange for it.  If something you’re doing or thinking isn’t fixing or improving the situation, then it’s wasting your time.  There comes a point when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.
  4. Maintain control. – Start shaping your own days.  Start walking your own walk.  This journey is yours.  You know you were born, and you know you will die.  The in between is all up to you.  Stop wishing, and start doing.  Either you run your days, or your days will run you.
  5. Keep good company. – It’s not always where you are in life, but who you have by your side that matters most.  Some people drain you and others provide soul food.  Be sure to get in the company of those who feed your spirit, and give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.
  6. Think constructively. – Change your thoughts and you change your reality.  Our thoughts are the makers of our moods, the inventors of our dreams, and the creators of our will.  That is why you must sort through them carefully, and choose to respond only to those that will help you build the life you want, and the outlook you want to hold as you’re living it. 
  7. Conquer oneself. – Being yourself is the foundation of happiness.  Knowing yourself is the foundation of wisdom.  Pushing yourself is the foundation of success.  It is better to conquer yourself is these ways, than to win a hundred battles elsewhere in life.
  8. Practice self-love. – We need to fix ourselves first before we fix others.  Caring for yourself is not an act of self-indulgence, it’s an act of self-respect.  The day will finally come when you have to accept that you need to be your own caretaker.  There will be times when you’ll have to work hard to mother yourself with the compassion and patience that any messed up kid would need.  Doing so will prove to be a great challenge, but a happier life is your reward.
  9. Work through the pain. – One day this pain will make sense to you.  Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring about the best change.  The strongest people you know became strong because of the pain they once faced, and conquered.  So in spite of all the put-downs and negativity you’ve heard from others in your life, stay focused on your goals, and remember that how you rise up is no one else’s business but your own. 
  10. Keep going. – No matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself that there’s no point to carry on, and no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it – keep going.  Pick yourself back up.  Don’t quit.  Don’t quit, because a few months from now you will be so much closer to your goal than you are now.  Focus on the road ahead.  Do something today your future self will thank you for.

9 Habits of Super Positive People

Life is full of positive experiences.  Notice them.  Notice the sun warming your skin, the small child learning to walk, and the smiling faces around you.  Smell the rain, and feel the wind.  Live your life to the fullest potential by reveling in the beauty of these experiences, and letting them inspire you to be the most positive version of YOU.

What would happen if you approached each day intentionally, with a positive attitude?  What would happen if you embraced life’s challenges with a smile on your face?  What would happen if you surrounded yourself with people who made you better?  What would happen if you paused long enough to appreciate it all?

Living a positive life is all about creating positive habits to help you focus on what truly matters.  This is the secret of super positive people.  Here are nine simple ideas to help you follow in their footsteps.

  1. Wake up every morning with the idea that something wonderful is possible today. – Smiling is a healing energy.  Always find a reason to smile.  It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.  A consistent positive attitude is the cheapest ‘fountain of youth.’  You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on Earth.
  2. Celebrate your existence. – Your mind is the window through which you see the world.  The way to make this the happiest day ever is to think, feel, walk, talk, give, and serve like you are the most fortunate person in the whole world.  Open minded, open hearted, and open handed.  Nothing more is needed.  All is well… and so it is.
  3. Appreciate life’s perfect moments. – Your life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments.  Don’t let the little things get you down.  You’ve got plenty of reasons to look up at the sky and say, “Thank you, I will do my best to make this a great day.”  So slow down and pause for a moment to stand in awe of the fact that you are alive, and that you have the ability to rediscover life as the miracle it has always been.
  4. Embrace life’s challenges. – Uncharted territory in your life is not good or bad, it just is.  Yes, it may rattle your foundation, and you may be tempted to pullback, say you can’t do it, or bail completely.  But these are exactly the conditions that set you up for massive amounts of personal growth.  Each experience through which you pass operates ultimately for your own good.  This is the correct attitude to adopt, and you must be able to see it in this light. 
  5. Become addicted to constant and never-ending self improvement. – It doesn’t have to be January 1st to give yourself a chance to make the most out of your life.  Every day is a new day to learn, grow, develop your strengths, heal yourself from past regrets, and move forward.  Every day gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, to fine-tune who you are, and build on the lessons you have learned.  It is never too late to change things that are not working in your life and switch gears.  Using today wisely will always help you create a more positive tomorrow.
  6. Live and breathe the truth. – It’s the most positive, stress-free way to live, because the truth always reveals itself eventually anyway.  So don’t aim to be impressive, aim to be true.  Those who are true are truly impressive.  Being true means having integrity; and integrity is doing the right thing even when you know nobody is watching.
  7. Fill your own bucket. – Choose to be happy for no reason at all.  If you are happy for a reason, you could be in trouble, because that reason can get taken away from you.  So smile right now because you can right now, and make it a point to fill your own bucket of happiness so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.
  8. Help the people around you smile. – Today, give someone one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine they see all day.  Sometimes just a single genuine smile or compliment can lift a person’s spirits to new heights.  At the right time, a kind word from a stranger, or unexpected encouragement from a friend, can make all the difference in the world.  Kindness is free, but it’s priceless.  And as you know, what goes around comes around.
  9. Spend time with positive people. – Life’s way too awesome to waste time with people who don’t treat you right.  So surround yourself with people who make you happy and make you smile.  People who help you up when you’re down.  People who would never take advantage of you.  People who genuinely care.  They are the ones worth keeping in your life.  Everyone else is just passing through.

JUSTIN BIEBER SUED You Stole My Credit Card for Penis Enlargement

Justin Bieber bought himself a penis enlargement with a stolen credit card ... and he's also cheating on his GF with Ke$ha, Rihanna and Penelope Cruz ... this according to a CRAZY new lawsuit filed in court. Bieber has been sued in Michigan by a man claiming to be Selena Gomez's father who makes some of the most insane, and obviously untrue allegations ever documented in court.Among the highlights: "Bieber has cost me $426.78 and never paid me back. This money was used as abortion money because Justin Bieber got my daughter Selena pregnant in my bedroom, on my canadian bear rug." "Usher Raymond came to my house on the forth of july 2012 and sodomized me with a firework and lit it inside my anal area while blaring kate perry [sic] firework song in my ear drums." "[Bieber] gave selena a std and Bieber stole my credit card to buy him and sean p-ditty combs cocaine to use in drug free school zones." "Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen american express card. " The lawsuit concludes ... "I'm an emotional mess ... America must boycott biebers music!" Wow whay a supid joke lol.....


Another bogus celebrity lawsuit has been filed in federal court this time, the troublemaker claims to be Chris Brown ... and he's filed an INSANE lawsuit against Rihanna. Documents Where obtained, Filed in U.S. District Court in Tennessee in which "Chris Brown" is requesting a restraining order against Rihanna because he fears she will cause him bodily harm. The suit contains the following (completely untrue) allegations: "[Rihanna] gave me herpes and then when I threatened to file a lawsuit against her for not telling me she was infested with genital blisters she began to hit herself in the face and throw herself into walls just as Jim Carey did in the movie 'Liar, Liar." "Then she turned around and blamed me for the matter as a form of punishment." "I woke up with three blisters my penis ... this isn't just a regular case of American herpes, this is a case of Herpes from Barbados, which is most likely lethal." The accuser is demanding $10 million ... along with "a restraining against Rihanna and her case of genital herpes immediately."

Tony Scott Death Report -- Sleeping Med and Anti-Depressant

"Top Gun" director Tony Scott had multiple prescription drugs in his system when he lept off an L.A. bridge to his death including a sleeping aid and an anti-depressant. According to the L.A. County coroner's office ... the toxicology tests showed Scott had therapeutic levels of Lunesta and the anti-depressant Mirtazapine in his system at the time of his death. Scott -- who directed a slew of Hollywood classics died on August 19 after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

'Teen Wolf' Star Holland Roden Sued By Bitter Ex-Managers

"Teen Wolf" was Holland Roden's BIG BREAK in Hollywood but after season 1 she ditched the team that got her the job AND stopped paying them for the series, this according to a new lawsuit. Holland who plays bratty Lydia on the hit MTV show is being sued by Luber Roklin Entertainment which claims it entered an oral agreement with the actress in Dec 2009 to manage her career. In the docs, filed this month, LRE says it helped Holland score the "Teen Wolf" role in 2010 and Holland rightfully paid LRE 10% of her hard-earned salary for the whole first season. But in 2011, LRE claims Holland ditched the company and stopped all payments from her "Teen Wolf" money despite the oral agreement. LRE is suing for breach of contract and wants 10% of EVERYTHING Holland earns from the series. A judge has yet to rule.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Breaking Dawn Breakup: He's Solo in Sydney, She's in Tokyo

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gone their separate ways. Kinda, sorta. While the Twilight twosome is now back together after a certain little cheating scandal, the costars do find themselves apart from each other right now as they begin promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2. Pattinson flew to Sydney this weekend, where he signed autographs and posed for pics as he attended the Australia premiere of the final installment of the wildly successful film franchise. Meanwhile, Stewart was spotted touching down at the airport in Tokyo on Monday morning as she prepares to make the promotional rounds. Casually dressed in jeans and sneakers, the actress graciously took time out for fans as well. As for the rest of the Breaking Dawn cast, Taylor Lautner is visiting Brazil, Ashley Greene will be heading to South Africa and Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed will swing by Scotland and
Ireland. Shame no one is visiting west africa lol.

Rihanna: 'Diamonds' Music Video Set!

Rihanna keeps it seductive while shooting a music video for her new single “Diamonds” on Sunday (October 21) in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day, the 24- year-old singer’s close friend Melissa posted a picture of the star on set. It is rumoured that Anthony Mandler who has directed multiple videos for Rihanna, such as “Man Down,” “Only Girl,” “Russian Roulette,” “Disturbia,” and “Unfaithful” is also directing “Diamonds.” He tweeted earlier, “We’re like #Diamonds in
the sky..”

Justin Bieber ---Delivers Smiles for Superfan Fighting Cancer

Mission accomplished for one of Justin Bieber's biggest fans a little girl who is fighting cancer, got a private meeting with JB after a huge social media campaign. 4-year-old Hailey Roser was all smiles during the 5 minute pow wow backstage with the Biebs before his concert in Milwaukee last night. Hailey's parents started the "Healing Hailey" campaign on Twitter and Facebook after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August and a few weeks ago one of the campaign's followers called in to TMZ Live to spread the word. TMZ joked with the caller, saying "we know some people" and then informed Justin's manager Scooter Braun about the "Healing Hailey" movement. Hailey's been undergoing chemotherapy
and had to get clearance from doctor's yesterday to attend the concert. After meeting Justin, she tweeted a message to her followers ... "Dreams come true #believe"

Lindsay Lohan's Siblings -- Our Dad Is a Liar

Michael Lohan's OTHER children have a clear message for their dad. He needs to stop spreading lies about Lindsay and their family, because they want nothing to do
with him. Michael Jr., Ali and Cody Lohan were asked about their father's recent antics, specifically his LiLo "intervention" and they said, it's just a desperate attempt to destroy their family. Michael Jr. says, "I think it's unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father's lies" -- then adds he and his siblings no longer associate with their dad. Ali tells says Michael's recent attacks against Dina Lohan were the last straw, saying "Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don't need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years."Cody added "I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, he needs
to leave my family alone."From the mouths of babes.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Step Out as Newlyweds--See the First Photo!

Here comes the bride. And there's the groom, too. Following their luxurious wedding in Fasano, Italy, on Friday, newlyweds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were snapped in an airport in Italy today, looking low-key in casual attire. In the first photo of the couple post-nuptials, Biel is rolling her carry-on luggage, with Timberlake leading the way. And although she's donning a cream bucket hat, the 30-year-old Total Recall star still has that new-bride glow. The superstar couple tied the knot in front of the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Timbaland, and Biel's 7th Heaven costar Beverley Mitchell, among many others, but have managed to keep specific details of their ceremony under wraps. Not even this shot reveals Biel's wedding ring,

First Look: Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer!

What a tease! Before Marvel releases the first full trailer for Iron Man 3 Tuesday, the company is giving fans a 17-second glimpse of what's to come. In the super-short teaser trailer, there are a few quick images of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) walking through a sea of photographers, and then suited up as Iron Man, diving from the sky. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is also back for the third installment of the action franchise, and it looks like she'll be in a bit of trouble, given the quick shot we can see of her struggling to free herself from some metal contraption. Iron Man 3 isn't set to hit theaters until May 3, 2013.

The Full 2012 Headies – Nominees & Winners----- Headies 2012 (Hip Hop World Awards)

Big Things Pop for P-Square, Davido, Wizkid & Sarkodie as they win BIG at the 2012 Headies
Album of the Year
Everybody Loves Ice Prince (E.L.I) – Ice Prince
The Invasion – P-Square – WINNER
Superstar – Wizkid
Super C Season – Naeto C
Artiste of the Year
Wizkid – WINNER
Ice Prince
Naeto C
Song of the Year
Chop My Money – P-Square Featuring Akon & May D
Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’banj –  WINNER
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Kukere – Iyanya
Recording of the Year
Stupid Song  - Bez Featuring Praiz
Private Trips - Wande Coal
Ara – Brymo – WINNER
Praiz – I Love You
Producer of the Year
Cobhams – Stupid Song by Bez Featuring Praiz
Tee-Y Mix – Super C Season by Naeto C – WINNER
Shizzy – Dami Duro by Davido
Jay Sleek – Private Trips by Wande Coal
Best Music Video (Video Director)
5 & 6 (Naeto C) – Clarence Peters
Chop My Money Remix (P-Square) – Jude “Engees” Okoye – WINNER
Ara (Brymo) – Ajeh
Kosorombe (Dipp Featuring Da Grin) – Mex
Best R&B Single
Private Trips – Wande Coal
Stupid Song – Bez
Nawti – Olu Maintain
Soundtrack – May D – WINNER
Love Me (3X) – Tiwa Savage
Best Pop Single
Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’Banj
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Chop My Money – P-Square
Kukere – Iyanya – WINNER
Best R&B/Pop Album
Superstar – Wizkid
Super Sun – Bez
Versus – 9ice
The Invasion – P-Square – WINNER
Best Rap Single
Too Much Money – Iceberg Slim
Shutdown – Phyno
Angeli – Vector ft. 9ice – WINNER
Oh My Gosh – Yung6ix
Young Erikina – Olamide
Best Rap Album
Everybody Loves Ice Prince (E.L.I) – Ice Prince – WINNER
The Dreamer Project – Show Dem Camp
Rapsodi – Olamide
Super C Season – Naeto C
Lyricist on the Roll
Vector – Angeli – WINNER
Yung6ix – Oh My Gosh
Iceberg Slim – Too Much Money
Phyno – Shutdown
Erigga – Mo Street Gan
Best Collabo
Chop My Money Remix – P-Square Featuring Akon & May-D
Angeli – Vector Featuring 9ice
Carolina – Sauce Kid Featuring Davido
Stupid Song – Bez Featuring Praiz
Orobo – Sound Sultan Featuring Excel & Flavour – WINNER
Best Vocal Performance (Male)
Wande Coal – Private Trips – WINNER
Banky W – Low Key
Praiz – I Love You
Brymo – Ara
Bez – Stupid Song
Best Vocal Performance (Female)
Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love, Love Me – WINNER
Chidinma – Kedike
Ijeoma – Oloomi
Waje – Na The Way
African Artist of the Year (Non- Nigerian Category)
Sarkodie (Ghana) – Azonto Fiesta – WINNER
Camp Mulla (Kenya) – Feel No Pain
D-Black (Ghana) – Get On The Dance Floor
Zahara (South Africa)- Loliwe
Best Street Hop
Kako Bi Chicken – Reminisce
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K – WINNER
Akpako – Terry G
Roll – Rayce
Mo Street Gan – Erigga
Next Rated
Davido - WINNER
Eva Alordiah
Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year
Wizkid – WINNER
Ice Prince
Timi Dakolo
Headies Hall of Fame
Special recognition for excellence and outstanding impact to the entertainment industry - Femi Kuti

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian
It's Kim Kardashian's birthday! Today the E! star and entrepreneur turns 32. In the past year, Kim and Kanye West finally went from just friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. Kim also became an aunt—again—to baby Penelope in August. Kim and Kanye kiss in Rome just before her birthday And over the summer, she became a mom to a teacup Persian kitten she named Mercy.  Happy birthday Kim K

Adele Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Adele has become a mom! Several UK newspapers are reporting that the british superstar singer gave birth to a precious little baby boy on Friday night. She and boyfriend Simon Konecki have welcomed their first child together(First child for Adele but Second for Simon Konecki) to the world! The new parents are said to be thrilled: "Adele and Simon are ecstatic at their new arrival," a source reveals. Congratulations to the lucky couple!

Christina Aguilera -- Plump $3 Million Offer from 'BIG' Women Dating Site

Christina Aguilera's Rubenesque physique could pay off in a huuuuge way -- she's been offered $3 MILLION to be the face of a dating website for "big and beautiful" women. The person behind the offer is former "America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson -- the first plus-size model to even win the show. Whitney now runs -- and fired off a letter to Aguilera, saying she's extremely interested locking down Christina as the spokesperson for the website, which is "specifically designed for women with curves."As part of the deal, Aguilera would agree to at least one TV commercial, one radio commercial, two photo shoots, and four public appearances. She also wants Christina to sing a jingle for the website. Christina has previously said she's proud of her new "curves," but it's unclear yet if she's too proud to take the money.