Maureen Renfro's Blog: Black or White?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black or White?

Black celeb turning white, looks like its whats in vogue. I thought black is beautiful? Looks like its going the other way round.

Nigeria Nolly hood Actress Empress Njamah us to be this dark but all of a sudden she is well i do i call it...Black and White maybe? lol

Ghanan actress Yvonne Nelson, i think i wanna add white to your name right now, but the new you looks good. Then again Black is still beautiful

Omotola Jalade a Nolly hood actress who use to be beautiful brown lady is now what? black or white?
Nolly hood actress Bimbo Akintola... See her in person and you will freak she is still beautiful still
my personal favourite Beyonce Knowles. Dark Beyonce or White which is more pretty?
And then we got Kelly Rowland. Now i love her colour dont no about the new colour
Ok and then Rihanna i dont no if i liked the darker Rihanna to the light one, what do you think?