Maureen Renfro's Blog: Solange's Trippy "Losing You" Video

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Solange's Trippy "Losing You" Video

It's better to be Solange than Beyoncé. You get all the perks of being Queen B (Solange got to be in the "Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)" video, after all! Holy friggin' jealousy!!!) and none of the pressure. So if you put out a super dope record, such as this one, you're going above and beyond. Being Jay and Bey's future second born instead of suffering the burden of Blue Ivy-dom. Solange doesn't have to be omni-bootylicious or perform insane choreography in even more insane heels (in reality, she just bops along to the beat, how relatable is that?!). She gets to focus her energy on being awesome and wearing awesome floral cardigans and having awesome times with her awesome friends. Hey, it's good to be B. But maybe better to be Solange.