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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Angelina Jolie Collapsed While On Set In Her New Movie Unbroken!

Angelina Jolie has been pushing herself lately to a point where she's not okay anymore. Recently she collapsed during the set of her new movie Unbroken, and people say her weight loss and exhaustive schedule are getting to her.

"When Angelina dropped to the ground, some of the cast and crew weren't sure what was going on. Then, they rushed to her side, believing she was seriously ill - or worse, dead", one source said. "She was sickly pale and gasping for air. But Angie refused to be taken to the hospital". When she assured people she was okay, she continued on working.

Picture & Video Of D'Banj Grinding On Stage - Koko master lol

Check out Picture and  video footage of D'banj grinding on stage with a fan... This is what you miss when you aren't in one of D'banj's show lol.... 

Xmas In The Clouds: 6 Night All Expense Paid Trip To Obudu Mountain Resort & Calabar Carnival This Christmas Holiday 23rd to 29th Of DEC ‎

Are you coming to Nigeria for Christmas holiday? Are you in Nigeria with no Christmas Plans?, trail blazing media firm AVITI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, with the approval of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), National Lottery Commission (NLRC) and in partnership with MTECH and the GSM providers are introducing the XMAS IN THE CLOUDS OFFER!

All customers across the various GSM companies- MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Globacom will have an opportunity to enjoy 6 whole days of BLISS this Christmas by just spending N100.

Offer is available to Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Globacom customers.

All you have to do is  text XMAS to 35050 across the networks to be eligible for a raffle draw.

The draws will happen at the GSM Providers' office premises under the supervision of the prestigious Alexander Forbes Consulting Actuaries. At least one winner per day will emerge after a daily draw to start from the 17th of December.

All a prospective winner has to commit is N100 and upon being confirmed a winner of the day's draw, will be treated first class and the following sequence of events from the 23rd of December, 2013:

-        Chauffeur-driven pick up from residence (with media fanfare)

-        Flight from Airport in town of residence to Calabar Airport

-        Ride out to Obudu, check in to Obudu Cattle Ranch Mountain Resort

-        Dine, wine, sight-see and experience the scenery for 3 days

-        Return to Calabar, check into Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

-        Other side attractions include: horse riding, cable car, Christmas dinner feast, Marina resort side attractions, Jet Ski, Sound City Musical Concert

-        Enjoy the world acclaimed Calabar Carnival

-        Flight back to town of residence

-        Chauffeur-driven pick up from Airport to residence (with media fanfare)

According to the Executive Director of AVITI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Mr. Thomas Idim Ikpeme, his firm's objective has always been to delight Nigerians wi‎th first of its kind offers that will always leave a sweet taste in the mouth of the winners. With just barely two weeks into Christmas and with the hardship in the daily lives of medium to low income earners, this idea was borne out of the need to make Nigerians smile completely this Christmas…..and in the clouds!

He opined that as one of the safest places in Nigeria, where's a better place to spend the 2013 Christmas festivities with a loved one….and with just N100 to lose?

Be that lucky winner and start texting, Text XMAS to 35050!

Download: New Song By Young MICC - Tanana

Young MICC is a 16yrs old upcoming artist in Port harcourt. Click the  link below to download 
Young MICC new single Tanana!‎ Download

Eyewitness In A Murder Case Was Hacked To Death By Hoodlums

There was tension in the Yaba and Bariga areas of Lagos State on Tuesday after the murder of a 36-year-old man, Segun Ogbere, who was killed by members of a gang known as Downtown Boys.

Reports said Ogbere, who went by the pseudonym, Shaggy, was also alleged to be the leader of a gang known as Shaggy Boys.

According to Police sources, the victim is the key witness in a murder case against a former leader of the Ilajes in the state.

It was said that Ogbere was trailed from the Ebute Meta Magistrate's court by Downtown Boys led by one Balogun, aka Small Jaypron, and hacked to death.

A police source said, "The former leader is facing a murder charge at the Ebute Meta Magistrate's court for the death of one James Areomiye, who was slain last year. Ogbere was our only witness in the case.

"We were told that as Ogbere was about leaving the court, he saw some Downtown Boys around the court so he sneaked out of the premises, entered a commercial tricycle and fled. The hoodlums saw him and chased him.

"Ogbere saw his friend driving a tipper so he alighted from the tricycle, entered the passenger seat of the tipper, thinking the thugs were no longer on his trail. However, the assailants soon caught up with him."

It was learnt that around 3pm, Small Jaypron, in company with three others in a vehicle, crossed the tipper around Adeshina Street, off University Road, Abule Oja, and dragged Ogbere out of the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses account has it that the hoodlums, who were wielding guns and knives, stabbed the deceased many times before fleeing.

"About four guys alighted from a red Volkswagen Gulf car and dragged the guy (Ogbere) out of the passenger seat and started stabbing the guy repeatedly.

Probably because this is a residential area and it's always quiet, the hoodlums did not shoot so as not to attract the attention of men of the Rapid Response Squad who are stationed on University Road.

Headless Body Of A Girl found In Mushin - Body Parts Taken For Ritual

The headless lady pictured above was said to have left home to club and party with some friends a couple of days ago, The lady was approached by a rich young gentleman (Indeed)  at Elegushi beach where she and her friends had stopped by to party and have some fun.

According to reports, she was said to have been taken to an unknown hotel by the man after both parties had reached a conclusive agreement on pricing. Exactly 7am the next day, her dismembered body was found somewhere around Mushin axis. Her left breast was cut off, right wrist was also found missing while some of her internal organs was also taken away. 

Residents immediately reported the case to the police, while many cried and pitied the dead lady who they claim was obviously used for money rituals. 

We urge every girl/lady to please remain extra careful particularly in this yuletide season.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies In A Tragic Car Accident

40 year old Fast  and Furious star, Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident, a Porsche driven by his friend who also died on Saturday. He was attending an event in Los Angeles for the benefit of his Charity Organization Reach Out Worldwide which sends first respondeds to scenes of Natural disasters . The car flew off the road, crashed into a light pole and burst into flames immediately. May the souls of the departed rest well in the bosom of the almighty. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crazy Santa Party In Abuja - Powered By Eagles Ent.|House Of Gaga|Freshest Ent‎

Allow me to introduce to you...                   
The biggest, hottest, crowd taking, floor shaking Party.


Crazy Santa Party

Date: Dec 28th 'the month of Men'
Venue: Sugar land lounge "Gimbiya street,Area 11,Abuja

Time: 4pm.... Till dawn (Red carpet)
Gate Fee: MEN 1k.5,Ladies FREE,VIP 5k
Country: Nigeria (ABUJA).

Powered by: 'Eagles Ent.|House of Gaga|Freshest Ent

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Happens when He Stops Talking To You

A Lot of things go through the mind, Like he is busy working, maybe he is seeing someone else,  family ties are keeping him away from calling or  texting, or maybe he doesn't want you anymore. What if your thoughts are correct? What if he doesn't want you anymore?

1.You have a man and you have been in a suppose relationship for about a month or two or even more, then all of a sudden he doesn't pick interest in you anymore, the reason is guys can be easily offended and turned off. Although they give off rough and tough exteriors, guys are also sensitive and have their own insecurities. Sometimes we can do things that may offend or upset guys. It could be something that seemed so insignificant to you, but to him it was enough to set him off. It could be anything from embarrassing him in front of his friends to unknowingly making a face when he got naked, that's how crazy they can be. Guys can be very insecure, especially when it comes to their "manhood." If they think you aren't satisfied or they think you will hurt them first, they may just throw in the towel first to avoid any future emotionally awkward situations.

2. He isn't interested in you anymore? ‎it's not easy to hear at all! If a guy is dating someone and realizes he doesn't like her, he will most likely give her the cold shoulder until she gets the hint. Guys don't like to "hurt" women's feelings, tho it happens but not intentionally  and therefore, they tend to just ignore the problem until it goes away. So if you can't get a straight answer from him or he is going out of his way to avoid you, he probably doesn't like you anymore, or never really did.

3. Wondering if he is seeing someone else? ‎If a guy you are dating suddenly stops returning your calls, it may be because he is suddenly calling someone else. It is not a far fetched notion that the guy you are dating has already found a replacement before you were even able to plan your two month anniversary. And if he suddenly calls you back weeks later, don't answer the phone! His "other relationship" probably didn't work out the way he wanted. If you do answer his call after weeks he will know that you were waiting for him and that he has a certain amount of control over you, and he will take advantage of that, don't let him. 

4. You thinking he is busy?‎ First things first, a man can never be too busy for his heart unless his heart is not with you. If he says he is busy working,then he might just be using work as an excuse. There's no such thing as not knowing your schedule. It's not like they can just make you come in whenever they want. Even when you're on call, they still tell you beforehand when you're going to be on call. Not knowing when he has time off is ridiculous. Even the busiest people you still see them wooing someone they like. If he loves you or like you he will make time for you, sure the schedules are hectic but still they make time. Who doesn't have time for a 40 seconds text message or 30 second phone call?

5. So why didn't he call you?‎ The bottom line is that if he stopped calling you and won't even return your phone calls, leave him alone! If he can't prove himself within the first few months of dating he will not be any better in many months of dating! First impressions do mean something. If the first impression you got from him was that he ‎doesn't know how to pick up a phone and call you 
then stop the relationship before you get hurt i
n the relationship even more!

A Lot of things happen in a man's mind that isn't so different from a woman's.... Next time we read about what happens when she stops talking to you.

PICTURES: Traditional Wedding Of Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz (Tunji Balogun) Celebrated With Their Celebrity Friends & Family Members

‎Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Tiwa Savage Wed Tee Billz (Tunji Balogun) today 23rd Of October. So finally Tiwa Savage found her true love and he took her to the alter! Wow it was a beautiful wedding with so much colors and beautiful people. A Lot of well known celebrities did turn up for Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz (Tunji Balogun) traditional wedding. Karen Igho, Linda Ikeji, Dayo Adeneye (DI) and wife, Omawunmi, Freeze Cool FM, Deji Exclusive, Eniola Badmus, Uti, Toke, Dr Sid, Rita Dominic and many more. More pictures of the couple and guest! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Received An Award Of Excellence As An Indigen Of Ondo State

Nollywood Super star Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Received an award of excellence as an indigen of Ondo State by the paramount ruler of Ondo Kingdom, Oba Kiladejo.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Covers New African Woman Magazine 2013

‎Omotola Jalade Ekeinde on the cover of New African Woman Magazine, is she hot or what?‎