Maureen Renfro's Blog: GQ's Sexiest Women Of The Millennium: Offensive?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GQ's Sexiest Women Of The Millennium: Offensive?

GQ's “100 Sexiest Women of the Millennium” issue, featuring Beyonce on the cover as "Miss Millennium," has come under fire for some of its entries.

It's not for the Beyonce GQ cover or the hilarious description of Katie Holmes topless in The Gift that has people riled up. It's categories such as these:

  •     “Hottest Indian Chick”: Freida Pinto
  •     “Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan”: M.I.A
  •     “Hottest Italian Chick”: Monica Belluci
  •     “Hottest Chinese Chick”: Zhang Ziyi (Ziyi Zhang)

The seemingly arbitrary racial call-outs have some scratching their heads.

Beyonce wasn't "Miss African-American Millennium." Mila Kunis wasn't lauded for her Ukranian roots. Why wasn't Kim Kardashian "Hottest Armenian Porn Star"?

By calling out certain women's ethnicity and not others, critics feel GQ is implying that select women are not beautiful simply because they're beautiful.

Rather, they're only attractive within the context of their own ethnicity; qualifying beauty and dismissing the idea that beauty comes in different forms.

Objectifying women in the media - be it TV advertising, bikini photos or who knows what - is nothing new, and women are often complicit in such behavior.

Nor did GQ necessarily think it through. It's likely they were just trying to be funny, and got a little carried away with the descriptions, but is that an excuse?

You tell me: With ethnically-driven categories, is GQ being insensitive?