Maureen Renfro's Blog: 10 Simple Steps to Keep Your Relationship from Failing

Friday, March 15, 2013

10 Simple Steps to Keep Your Relationship from Failing

So you've just met this really great guy, and you think he could be "the one" for you. How do you keep this relationship from failing?

  1. NEVER EVER start a stupid argument. As much as girls love to hate, here's the thing, GUYS DON'T LIKE DRAMA! Cut it out, and you'll get to keep him. Start the drama, and prepare to say bye-bye. 
  2. Always show that you appreciate the little things. Guys show their love in weird ways, sometimes its hard for girls to even get where they are coming from, but trust me, the good ones mean well. So start showing appreciation!
  3. Dress your best. Don't make the "long-term" mistake. You think he will love you no matter what? Well news flash for you! A sloppy joe is a sloppy joe! Dress your best NO MATTER WHAT.
  4. Don't moan/complain/whine. We all know this rule. Guys hate it, so cut it out.
  5. Don't smother him, you're not his mother. Be his girlfriend, not a second mother. You can buy him things, but not the things his mother usually gets him...and you can tell him to do things for you (as a man should) but not the things his mother tells him to do! Got it?!
  6. Be as clean and tidy as possible. Lets face it, most of the real men are kind of untidy and not always that clean. They sweat and get dusty with their friends but that doesn't mean he wants to hug and kiss someone as dirty as his friends! Keep clean and tidy and he'll appreciate the effort.
  7. Have your own life too. Don't cling onto him, this is one of the most important things you'll ever learn in a relationship with a guy. The average male doesn't want his wife/girlfriend around with him on footy night! Go out with your girlfriends and have fun with yourself! It'll make him miss your more when you're gone too!
  8. Never "dis" his parents/family. Most of the time a guy will stand up to for his girl (the good ones). But ALL THE TIME, a good guy will always stand up for his mother (and father). So if you're having a hard time liking his parents, keep it to yourself if it ain't that serious.
  9. Don't make him feel small. Make him feel big by allowing him to fix the sink by himself even though you're itching to call the plumber. That stuff just sucks the confidence out of a man, and we wouldn't want him feeling like that now would we!
  10. Don't deprive him of love. Girls LOVE to play hard to get once in a while. We wake up some mornings and decide on the spur of the moment that we're going to make him suffer today! But hey, its not worth the five-minute thrill!