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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Woman Sets 11 Years Old Maid Ablaze For Stealing A Piece Of Meat From Her Pot

Policemen at Bode Thomas division of Lagos State command, Tuesday, arrested a woman who allegedly set her 11-year-old house maid ablaze in Surulere area of Lagos, for stealing a piece of meat from her pot of soup.
The maid identified as Ita Bassey-Eno who reportedly escaped death by the whiskers, is currently at the Burns and Trauma Centre of the Gbadaga General Hospital, with doctors battling to save her life.

Although her mistress, a staff nurse at an undisclosed hospital in Surulere, Mrs Nkese Iroakazi, reportedly denied the allegation at the police station, the ailing girl was said to have managed to state that she allegedly poured kerosene on her before striking a stick of matches to set her on fire.
The incident, as gathered, occurred last Saturday at 7, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, after  Ita rushed out of  the apartment with fire on her, apparently in an attempt to plunge into a gutter. Unfortunately,  she reportedly fell before she could get to  the gutter.
One of the residents was said to have succeeded in putting out the fire with the aid of a fire extinguisher, before she was rushed to the hospital.
Eyewitness account
A resident who simply identified herself as Morakinyo told Vanguard: “I was just alighting from the bus when I saw people gathered in front of the building. When I got there, I saw Ita whom we all call Eno on the floor. Then, the flame had been put out.
“Two men who attempted to carry her into a car could not because the skin at that time had peeled off. They had to get a slab, placed her on it and rushed her to the hospital. From what I gathered, the girl has spent barely one month in Lagos before the incident.
“She was brought from her village in Akwa Ibom State last month alongside another girl called Happiness. Since then, we have not seen either of them going to school.
“We heard that while Happiness was in the sitting room, there was a cry from Ita in the kitchen and before she (Happiness) knew what was happening,  Ita rushed out of the kitchen and straight to the road shouting for help.
“How could someone who has children of her own treat another’s  like this? It was even the residents that alerted policemen who came to pick Mrs Iroakazi.”
95%  burns
When Vanguard visited the hospital, Tuesday, a doctor who spoke on condition of anonymity  expressed fear about the  victim’s condition, revealing that she suffered  95 per cent  burns.
“It will take a miracle for her to survive. In any case, we are trying all we can to ensure she gets back on her feet. That will entail some surgeries because her private part was badly damaged.
“Currently, she wears pampers and that area needs immediate surgery after the injuries would have healed.”
Ita was sighted with bandage all over her body, except her face and feet. When a nurse approached her to administer the day’s treatment, she groaned in pains.
As at 3 p.m yesterday, police sources told Vanguard that the suspect would be transferred to the state Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba  for further investigation.

Photos:Tonto Dikeh At Wazobia FM Station

Here is a recent picture of  Tonto Dikeh taken yesterday while she was at Wazobia FM station... If you ask me i will say she looks fat.. What do you think?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Convicted Nigerian Rapist Ekene Anoliefo To Be Deported From The UK

Convicted rapist, Ekene Anoliefo, 38, who is a son of a Nigerian politician, has lost his appeal to stay in the UK and will be deported back to Nigeria after serving time for rape.

Ekene was jailed for nine years for the rape of a 19 year old woman in Aberdeen, who he pretended to help before holding her captive in his car, driving her to his flat and then raping her there.

Ekene had been fighting to stay in the UK since he was ordered for deportation in December 2012, claiming that deportation would breach his human rights. His lawyers argued that he had lawfully lived in the UK for four years as a student and had hoped to remain in the country after serving time but the UK government don't want to hear none of that. They said he's 'a dangerous sexual predator' and want him out of the UK.

Before I Write A Book By Basket Mouth

I love writing and this as short as it is,touched me.Basket Mouth Chronicles the beginning of his career as a comedian in a series titled"Before I write a book" This first episode proves that more often than not,great men start from really humble beginnings. He also shows how far one can go when others believe in your dreams
Back stage at the Rothmans Groove tour which held @ TBS in 1998, there I was seated with the likes of The Plantashun Boiz,Dr. Fresh,Remedies and more...I was just a young boy trying to weigh his options on what direction to go with his career as drumming,rapping,producing and comedy were few of my options.
That night was the 1st time I met Tony Tetuila, one of those humble guys you come by,he was warm and accommodating considering the obvious fact that I was nobody in the industry.
Fast forward a few months later, Comedy had won me over and in the course of my hustle and journey to where I'm yet to get to, I bumped into Tetuila  in Festac, just about the time his single 'you don hit my car' came out.

We reconnected while playing catch up. We had common friends so 'bumping' into each other became a tradition. The 1st time he saw me perform @ a concert was at a gig The Plantashun Boiz used to host @ the Den in Ikeja.

I must have impressed him because not long after that night, I got a call from him asking that we meet up. We did and he took me for a meeting in Lagos Island (Shell Office). A director at Shell was retiring and a send-forth party was being held in his honour. My performance fee then was N10,000, Tony pushed it up and convinced the client to pay N30,000 which they paid cash. Prior to this, they had never heard of me and only used me because Tony believed in me and stood up for me, convincing them to buy in.

I was paid in full a week to the show.

After picking up the cash I went straight home. Now here I was,  a young comic with his 1st major pay-out of N30,000. Considering the fact that my 1st performance fee was N300 (1%) of what I had in my pocket,I couldn't help but to thank God.

I got home,gave my mum N25,000 and kept N5,000 from which I bought a shirt,pants and shoes from Tejuosho market to wear for the event. Ready for my first big show..

Derenle - I Maybe Gay I Maybe Straight But I'm single & Ready To Mingle

Is Derenle Gay?
I think people believe what they want to believe, I maybe gay i maybe straight.
But a lot of people believe you are. And to prove them right, a picture of you Charley Boy went viral on the internet recently…
I don’t read the news, I make the news. The thing is people tend to look for loopholes when they see you doing well. And since people feel I’m feminine in nature, then they think I’m gay. But the truth is I don’t really care about what people say because I’m not fashioned according to what the society expects. And also I think for my personality, if I were gay, the news would have grown from speculations and would have been in people’s face.
On the part of Charley Boy and me, I was not expecting the paparazzi that came with the picture.
So what was the picture about then?
I really don’t want to go into details, but it could have been a controversial agenda, it could have a been a publicity stunt, it could have been the real deal and it could have been photoshopped, but whatever it was, people should just go ahead and make their conclusions.
So why is Denrele still single?
I’m a hustler and I’m still trying to get myself together. When the time comes, I’ll get married definitely, but there’s no one in the picture now. I’m searching and ready to mingle.
Who is your ideal woman?
I like someone who would not try to change me and who would understand the complexity that I am. I want someone simple and absolutely free and not intimidated by what I represent.

Please man come clean!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lagos State Goverment Dumps 70 Beggars & Homeless People In Onitsha

The Lagos State Government yesterday Wednesday July 24th dumped over seventy people said to be beggars and homeless people in Onitsha.

The destitute were brought into the state around 3am yesterday and left them under the flyover at Upper Iweka Bridge after being detained in Lagos for months for begging, wandering and other minor offenses by the Lagos State Kick Against Indiscipline Officials. Many of the people dumped at the location said they were not even from Onitsha and didn't understand why they were dropped there. Some claimed they have family in Lagos and were picked up by KAI officials as they went to work.

This is the second time in a year the Lagos State govt will dump people at Upper Iweka in Anambra

Mr Asari Dokubo Former Ijaw Youth Council President - Underage Marriage Is Our Rights As Muslims

Former Ijaw Youth Council president and founder of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force, Mr Asari Dokubo has given his opinion concerning child marriage in Nigeria. Below is what he wrote on his Facebook page a few days ago..

Beyonce Countdown Video Recreated By One Of Her Fan

This is amazing.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saudi Princess Sara Al Amoudi Accused Of Swindling London Property Developers - I Spent £1m on Perfume In Two Months 'Princess'

A supposed Saudi princess claimed yesterday that she is so wealthy she has splashed out almost £1million on perfume in the past two months.
Her spree has created an Aladdin’s cave-style display of opulence which has to be seen to be believed, the High Court heard.

Sara Al Amoudi is accused of being a one-time penniless Ethiopian prostitute who posed as a princess to swindle London property developers Amanda Clutterbuck and Ian Paton out of luxury flats worth £14million.
But yesterday the mysterious ‘princess’ – whose age has been given as between 31 and 45 – wept in court as she assured the judge she had never been an impoverished prostitute, that her wealth was genuine and that she had been on the shopping sprees to prove it.

Miss Al Amoudi, who arrived at the London court in a Rolls Royce with numberplates reading ‘HRH’, told judge Sarah Asplin her shopping addiction was so serious she had sought medical help.
In heavily accented English, Miss Al Amoudi said: ‘I have a problem with shopping – I go to doctor. In the last two months my perfume, only the perfume – $1.4million. I can show you the pictures.’
Miss Al Amoudi arrived at court in a full burka and five-inch platform heels.
At the suggestion of the judge she removed her veil in the witness box, but still attempted to keep her face hidden from onlookers.
She claims she had an affair with her alleged victim Mr Paton, 45, behind the back of his lover and business partner Miss Clutterbuck, 56, and that he borrowed and stole some £5million of pocket money she received from Saudi Arabia.

She also insists that when six exclusive flats in Knightsbridge and Chelsea were signed over to her name, it was simply repayment for his thefts and loans.
But Mr Paton and Miss Clutterbuck say she swindled them by pretending she had millions to invest in a massive property project – allegedly claiming to be an estranged wife of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, 88 – and are demanding £14million from her. 

Yesterday, Miss Al Amoudi insisted ‘in the name of Allah’ that she was an honest woman given some £10million in cash by her family in the past decade.
She claimed she kept money hidden under her bed and entrusted Mr Paton with half her cash for ‘safekeeping’, and insisted her only problems were wild spending.
Miss Al Amoudi said: ‘I’m afraid I’m addicted to spending money, and get through enormous amounts of cash. I can easily spend £50,000 to £100,000 in one spree.’
At any one time she would have ‘a minimum of £100,000 and sometimes £400,000’ stashed under a piece of carpet beneath her bed, she said.
She added that in Saudi Arabia she was considered ‘like a criminal’ because she had an adulterous relationship, so her family had to send her pocket money in cash stuffed into suitcases.

Miss Al Amoudi claimed she married at 13 to a man she refused to name, saying that he was now a threat to her life and that of her 13-year-old daughter.
But she claimed her ‘lover’ Mr Paton took advantage of her and that now he and Miss Clutterbuck were lying about her.

Miss Al Amoudi said: ‘They say I’m a prostitute. It’s not true. I swear to Allah I’m not liar.’ She said Mr Paton was a drug user. He denies taking crack cocaine.
Miss Al Amoudi was accused by a male model boyfriend in a previous criminal case of having regularly drunk herself into a stupor at nightclubs.
But yesterday, when asked by Stuart Cakebread, barrister for the plaintiffs: ‘Do you drink?’, she said: ‘I will not answer this question because I’m a Muslim woman.’
The court had earlier heard witness Negat Ali, an Ethiopia-born south London furniture dealer, claim the defendant was a former prostitute originally from Ethiopia. 

She claims she came forward after seeing a picture of Miss Al Amoudi’s unveiled face in the Daily Mail. Miss Ali claimed she first met the ‘princess’ in 1985 when Miss Al Amoudi was operating under a different name and was helping her mother run a restaurant in the Yemen notorious for luring in rich men and conning them. She said they fell out later after Miss Al Amoudi failed to repay a £500 loan.
Miss Ali denied being a disgruntled former maid of the ‘princess’.

Picture Of The Month: Would You Rock This Hair Style

I really don't no what is going on here but this is really scary lol.

Monday, July 22, 2013

11 Bad Behavior You Need To Give Up To be Happy

Oftentimes we unknowingly hold on to little, obsessive behaviors that cause us a great deal of stress and unhappiness.  Even when we feel that something is wrong, we fail to seek the changes we need to make and instead cling to what’s not working, simply because it’s what we’re accustomed to.
It’s time to make a change.  It’s time to give up the bad behaviors that no longer serve your well-being and embrace the positive changes you need to be happy.
Today is the perfect day to give up…

1.  Worrying about… everything.

Worry is the biggest happiness slayer ever.  Worry steals all of your attention and gives the illusion that you are working through a problem when you are not.  As Van Wilder said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”
People worry for all sorts of reasons: to escape reality, fear of the unknown, resistance to change, lack of confidence, etc.
Stopping worry, like everything else takes practice; the more you do it, the better you will become at discerning when you are no longer controlling your thoughts and they are controlling you.
Tip:  To jolt yourself out of worry, ask yourself what you can do “right now” to make your life more pleasant and then do that!

2.  Constant, deliberate, people-pleasing.

Contrary to what you may think, saying “yes” to every request that is made of you is not nice.  First, it is not nice to you because it can leave you emotionally, mentally and physically drained.  And second, it is not nice to the other person, because it deceives them into thinking that you have the time, energy and other resources available to make what they want happen, when you do not.
Generally people who carry out the duties of others at the expense of themselves have low self-esteem and high levels of unhappiness.  They need the approval of others to make themselves feel worthy.
Tip:  To combat people-pleasing behaviors, learn to say “no.”  Oftentimes when you say “no” to someone else, you are really saying “yes” to you.

3.  Procrastinating.

Procrastination is stagnation.  There is no other way to say it.  When you procrastinate, nothing good in your life is happening.
We procrastinate for all sorts of reasons.  When we are afraid of the outcome, we are unsure how to complete the task and when we just don’t feel like taking action.
And the thing is, we spend more time aggravating ourselves with worry about how long or how difficult the task is going to be rather than just doing it.  More often than not, if you just start your task, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you are able to accomplish it.
Tip:  When you feel yourself getting ready to procrastinate, silently say “stop” to yourself, refocus and begin again by taking calculated action that will lead to the results you desire

4.  Living in the past.

The past is gone for good and yet we spend so much time thinking about what happened yesterday, at the complete expense of today.  Keeping your thoughts stuck in the past is especially detrimental to your contentment.  You are a product of your environment.  Your environment has helped to shape how you think and feel about yourself.  Everyone has been presented with life challenges along their journey – you aren’t alone.  It is whether you are stuck in the patterns of the past or have moved past them.
Tip:  If you are harboring resentment, anger, frustration or other negative feelings from your past, don’t ignore these feelings.  Do something constructive about it so that you can move into the present.

5.  Always looking past the present moment in anticipation of the next.

We spend so much time in this moment, wanting to be in the next one, that we are missing our lives.
For example, while taking a shower, you might be thinking about that cup of coffee you want to make, and while you are drinking your coffee, you might be thinking about your commute to work.  You are never consciously present right where you are and therefore cannot enjoy the moment you are in – the moment we call “life.”
Tip:  Now is the only time you have.  Now is life.  Make sure you are fully experiencing it.

6.  Judging others.

When you judge someone else, you suffer.  It is an outward display of inward inferiority and anger.  No one person is better than another.  The individual who cleans the bathroom at a fast food restaurant is no less of a person than the CEO that uses it.
Tip:  Understand that we are all part of the collective human race.  We are one.  Your joy is my joy and your suffering is my suffering. 

7.  Comparing your story to everyone else’s.

It is good to notice what others are doing from time to time.  After all, that is what helps us outline what we want and don’t want in our own lives.  But comparing yourself to everyone else every step of the way takes it too far.  You know when this happens – when you stop living your dreams or start living theirs.
Tip:  You are unique.  No matter how hard you try to be like someone else, you will never be them, and you shouldn’t want to be,

8.  Shame.

Shame is a deep, debilitating emotion, with complex roots.  Its cousins are guilt, humiliation, demoralization, degradation and remorse.  After experiencing a traumatic event, whether recent or in the distant past, shame can haunt victims in a powerful and often unrecognized manner.
Shame impairs the healing and recovery process causing victims of trauma to stay frozen, unable to forgive themselves for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Shame leaves victims with feelings of sadness and pain at the core of their being.  They are unable to feel the fullness of joy in their lives.
If you feel any shame at all, acknowledge it upfront.  Decide to experiment on forgiving yourself and letting go of the shame.  How long can you go without reminding yourself about the shameful thoughts and feelings?  How would life be different or better if you were able to forgive yourself?  Who can you talk to about this?
Tip:  The more you forgive yourself, the more time you have to focus your mind on happier times.

9.  Disorganization and laziness.

We complain that there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that we want, yet our laziness often leads us to many wasteful hours of disorganization.  The discipline it takes to sort through a messy desk, counter, closet or mind take time.  Becoming organized is a habit.  Start with something small, like your office desk or even making your bed after you get up.
Tip:  Studies have shown that people who make their beds are statistically more productive, profitable and peaceful in their lives and careers.  Interesting, isn’t it?  But not surprising.

10.  Fear of… everything.

Fear is one of the biggest reasons why we don’t move ahead in our lives.  Fear of failing and fear of succeeding.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of fear.  As long as we are alive, we are prone to some level of fear.  Ironically, to feel alive we must overcome that fear with action.  As Bill Cosby once said, “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”
Tip:  Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that your happiness and growth is more important than it.  Do something every day that stretches your comfort zone and helps you face what your fear. 

11.  The need to be busy.

Busyness is often confused with productivity.  They are two different things.  Busy is running in place on a treadmill; productivity is actually getting somewhere worthwhile.  These days technology gives us this constant feeling that there is so much to do and not enough time to do it.  We are always connected to something that wants our attention, or something that could be done.  This feeling creates stress.  The more behind you think you are, the more stressed out you are going to feel.
Stress is not good for you.  It makes it difficult to think, connect with others and it is associated with a plethora of physical ailments that lead to unhappiness.
Tip:  Stop trying to be busy.  Put first things first and give up the rest.  Organization, meditation, improved time management and efficiency and a change in perception are all ways to manage stress.  You must learn to let go.  Release the excess.  You were never able to do it all anyway.

58 years Old Chloe Jennings White Wants To Fulfill Her Desire Of Using A Wheelchair By Cutting Her Sciatic & Femoral Nerves

A Cambridge University educated research scientist is so desperate to live the life of a wheelchair-bound person she is prepared to pay a doctor help her become disabled. She wears leg braces and uses a wheelchair, even though her legs are healthy. Chloe spends most of her time in a wheelchair, but has to get out for various household tasks and walk down the steps to her car. Since childhood, Chloe Jennings-White has made several attempts at injuring herself so she can finally climb into her own wheelchair. In 2010 she even found a doctor overseas willing to help her become disabled by cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves, but she could not afford the £16,000 costs.

'I might never be able to afford it, but I know, truly and deeply, I won't regret it if I ever can,' she said
Chloe, 58, from Salt Lake City, Utah, suffers from a rare condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or BIID. Sufferers do not accept one of their own limb or limbs and seek to amputate them or become paraplegic
some experts believe it is caused by a neurological fault, in which the brain's mapping system cannot see a certain body part. The Cambridge graduate believes both of her legs do not belong to her and dreams of being paralyzed from the waist down.
'Something in my brain tells me my legs are not supposed to work,' she said. 'Having any sensation in them just feels wrong.'

For years she bandaged herself secretly, but now lives openly with her condition despite facing intolerance, insults, and sometimes online threats. Chloe first realized she was different at the age of four, after visiting her Aunt Olive, who was using leg braces after a bike accident.
'I wanted them too,' she said. 'I wondered why I wasn't born needing them and felt something was wrong with me because I didn't have them.'
At the age of nine, Chloe even took action and pedalled her bike off a four-foot high acting stage on Hampstead Heath, north London, landing on her neck.
'I only wanted to stop my legs working but could have broken my neck or died,' she added.
From then on, Chloe lived out her fantasy in secret, pretending to be disabled when alone, playing risky sports and climbing trees in the hope of hurting her legs.
Now, as an adult, Chloe enjoys the excitement of downhill skiing and the possibility she might fall and suffer serious leg fractures.
'I ski extremely fast, and aim for the most dangerous runs .'Doing any activity that brings a chance of me becoming paraplegic gives me a sense of relief from the anxiety caused by the BIID. 'My friends and family can get a little worried about me skiing, as they know I ski very aggressively and they know that in the back of my mind I actually want to get paralyzed.' I can't afford to convert my home for disabled access so I just use the chair as much as I can,' she said.

She fantasises about having a car crash without hurting anyone else just so she can damage her own legs.
'Any time when I'm driving I sort of conjure up accident scenarios in my mind where I will become paraplegic,' she admitted.