Maureen Renfro's Blog: Eyewitness In A Murder Case Was Hacked To Death By Hoodlums

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eyewitness In A Murder Case Was Hacked To Death By Hoodlums

There was tension in the Yaba and Bariga areas of Lagos State on Tuesday after the murder of a 36-year-old man, Segun Ogbere, who was killed by members of a gang known as Downtown Boys.

Reports said Ogbere, who went by the pseudonym, Shaggy, was also alleged to be the leader of a gang known as Shaggy Boys.

According to Police sources, the victim is the key witness in a murder case against a former leader of the Ilajes in the state.

It was said that Ogbere was trailed from the Ebute Meta Magistrate's court by Downtown Boys led by one Balogun, aka Small Jaypron, and hacked to death.

A police source said, "The former leader is facing a murder charge at the Ebute Meta Magistrate's court for the death of one James Areomiye, who was slain last year. Ogbere was our only witness in the case.

"We were told that as Ogbere was about leaving the court, he saw some Downtown Boys around the court so he sneaked out of the premises, entered a commercial tricycle and fled. The hoodlums saw him and chased him.

"Ogbere saw his friend driving a tipper so he alighted from the tricycle, entered the passenger seat of the tipper, thinking the thugs were no longer on his trail. However, the assailants soon caught up with him."

It was learnt that around 3pm, Small Jaypron, in company with three others in a vehicle, crossed the tipper around Adeshina Street, off University Road, Abule Oja, and dragged Ogbere out of the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses account has it that the hoodlums, who were wielding guns and knives, stabbed the deceased many times before fleeing.

"About four guys alighted from a red Volkswagen Gulf car and dragged the guy (Ogbere) out of the passenger seat and started stabbing the guy repeatedly.

Probably because this is a residential area and it's always quiet, the hoodlums did not shoot so as not to attract the attention of men of the Rapid Response Squad who are stationed on University Road.