Maureen Renfro's Blog: What Happens when She Stops Talking To You

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Happens when She Stops Talking To You

No woman appreciates a man who doesn't call or text every now and then, it gets tiring when she is the only one doing that. Women are very emotional and when they fall in love they tend to love till the end, they even go as far as giving their man chances to improve or change their ways. But if after these trials he doesn't change, she will leave and stop talking to him. She knows it is unfair to judge a man based on one failure, but when it becomes repetitive she can not endure.

People in general will break up from a relationship if they are going through a rough emotional time but it happens more often with women. Some of their reasons are because  they believe they can't handle anything serious in their lives at that moment, and they need space to re assess her priorities and redefine herself, as such she stops calling as she use to. Those 5 to 6 calls a day and constant texting will all stop. And now you get curious and the questions start; what happened? where is she? did she stop loving me? what did I do wrong?

1. Did you stand up for her more times than nought? Did you protect her like you promised you would?  When a man loves a woman he wants her near him, he wants her close to him in both the physical and emotional sense and always wants to see her happy. These are all natural instincts and even pleasant way of taking care of a woman. He wants and strives to look strong and manly in her eyes. So we, women, are pretty much observers and recipients to what ever men feel, their instincts, their choices,  their actions. If a woman sees or knows that her man can't protect her, she is on her way to the closest exit.

2. Now these days in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, the men tend to act like they know it all, the read few article about women online and they believe they know everything about women, a woman starts a conversation with her man and he starts talking all smooth with her like he is a psychologist when she knows he isn't. This is also same with the western men too as they do the same. In fact it's natural for men of this century to do this. Not that the women don't see this but they want the game to go his way and not hurt his feelings or ego and so they let it slide.

3. This is kind of old and I believe men should also know this because men don't really like being told that they are fat. Women don't like it either, it hurts us when our man say to us  we are fat or unhealthy because of our size. How would you feel if your woman called you fat and that you are full of diseases because you are fat? There are nice way to tell your woman she is putting on weight but don't say it in a way that will make her sense of self confidence. It is okay to be open, women love a man who's open. But inconsiderate and un-constructive criticisms will only drive her further away.

4. A woman needs to be crazy about someone, a man she can be proud of, a man she can boast about, a man who's love for her can be seen by all that know them. If she isn't crazy about you anymore then she will find someone else to be crazy about. It's the simple law of attraction. There are so many potential partners out there, women often get overwhelmed with choices. Before long their attitude becomes "So many men, so little time". If you’ve been burned by a flirty woman like that, do not to take it personally. She's been hurt, but doesn't mean you should take it out on the next girl as she did to you. There are plenty of women out there who think you’re a catch. Treat them nicely.

5. Women often have an unspoken laundry list of dating and if you inadvertently do something on that list, she may high-tail it out of there. Maybe you indirectly called her fat, or you are always condescending in your tone, or somehow made her feel she’s not being treated well, Instead of talking to you about it, she’ll likely just bail without ever telling you why.
Some will tell their girlfriends the whole story, but because these deal-breakers can be so obvious to her  she may not discuss them with you, unfortunately. And because each woman is different, those “no-no’s” will vary making it practically impossible to predict what is going to set her off.

Just like our last article “What Happens when He Stops Talking To You” and as much as I have tried to be impartial and fair to both genders I am a woman myself lol. If you ever notice your partner acting weird when you do something, ask her about it. If she confesses that she’s turned off by you rejecting her offers or you are not giving her enough attention, if you love her or care for her you should talk about it. Maybe her last boyfriend was a complete gentleman or maybe her was an absolute jerk who she gave many chances for two years and he never changed. Maybe she just doesn't want to go down that road again. If you can communicate about what’s really going on, that’s a good sign, as long as you can both be open and honest, you’re on the right track.