Maureen Renfro's Blog: Be Self Motivated Be Determine Stay Focus!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Be Self Motivated Be Determine Stay Focus!

Its Funny sometimes when we get everything we need to take us to where we desire we just lose motivation/ interest in doing this things why?

Be Self Motivated: When you see someone that isn't moving forward its not their fault, its not that they don't want to move forward they just aren't motivated enough to make it happen. You don't need your mom, dad, brothers, sisters or friends for you to be motivated... Sometimes we just have to be self motivated, motivation comes from within us our determination to be focus and to move forward.... Self Motivation is all you need to move forward.

Be Determine: How do people lose weight? It is not by taking all that slim fast pills even that too sometimes get tiring and in a way you start losing your focus, your determination to loose them fat will make you not just take those pill but go to the gym and sweat them fats out and that will make the pills work faster for you, meaning more results..... Being determine is the key to your future

Stay Focus: How does loosing body fat affects you being motivated you say? talk to a fat person that is trying to loose weight or that have lost 90 pounds and then you will now how good it feels to achieve something you put on your list that actually comes out right.... Staying focus is the key to your goal

If you want to be someone better tomorrow not just because you saying it but deep down you want too don't wait for people to motivate you because its all in you, get up and make it happen... make moves, sacrifices (I didn't say you should kill someone o or a chicken lol) Stay focus and be determine....