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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh Here It Is - Anti Selfie Tablet lol!

I think i need to take some of this lol, I will be taking 5 tables daily lol..

First Picture Of Kelly Rowland's Son Titan!

Since they welcomed their son in November 2014, Kelly and her husband Tim have never really shared a photo of his face, just other parts. Well, we finally get to see what Titan looks like. That's him being carried by his nanny as his parents met with Jay Z and Beyonce for lunch on Sunday...

I Am Married To Jesus - Waje

Waje who is a mother of one has said people should not pressurize her to get married as she is married to Jesus now ..She told City People Magazine in a new interview

“It’s not anybody’s business that I am not married. My fans know that I’m happy. Whether I am married or not, I am a happy woman,”
“Of course, na God dey give person man. The day God will give me a man, I’ll let you people know and will invite you to my wedding. If the man comes my way and he’s the right person, why not, I will marry him. For now Jehovah, the King of kings, is the man in my life. I am married to Jesus.”

Saudi Arabia Carries Out First Beheading Under New King

Saudi Arabia on Monday executed a man convicted of raping several girls in a case that has captured the kingdom's attention and marks the first beheading carried out under the newly enthroned King Salman.

The Interior Ministry said Moussa al-Zahrani was executed in the city of Jiddah. The ministry statement, carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, said al-Zahrani was convicted of luring underage girls, intoxicating them, forcing them to watch pornographic videos and then physically and sexually assaulting them.His alleged victims were children assaulted in 2011 in a string of attacks in Jiddah.

The case has caused a stir on social media  which is unusual in Saudi Arabia for cases of violent crimes — in part because the father of 6,al-Zahrani claimed his innocence throughout the trial and two later appeals.

Last year, al-Zahrani appealed in a 20-minute video for Saudi King Abdullah, who died on Friday, to intervene. In the widely-viewed video, the 45-year-old Arabic teacher claimed he was framed by police and that a man , a neighbor of 10 years  who accused him of molesting his daughter was also a police investigator in the case

An Arabic hashtag on Twitter, 'We are all Moussa al-Zahrani' garnered thousands of comments by Saudis with conflicting opinions over the case.
Al-Zahrani's relatives have appeared on Saudi talk shows, saying the case was riddled with inconsistencies and that the judiciary did not weigh all the evidence. They claimed a medical report found the neighbour's ten-year-old daughter had not been assaulted and that several cases of assault against young girls took place in Jeddah while al-Zahrani was already jailed.

Speaking after the execution, his brother, Hassan al-Zahrani said hat his brother could not have committed the crimes he was convicted of.

Al-Zahrani was one of 11 people beheaded in Saudi Arabia so far this year. Saudi Arabia executed 87 people last year, up from 78 in 2013.
The execution of al-Zahrani follows the public beheading of a woman which was filmed in secret and leaked online. Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim, convicted of raping and murdering her six-year-old stepdaughter, was heard screaming her innocence in graphic footage of the execution.

Former Nigerian goalkeeper Wilfred Agbonavbare has died

Former Nigerian International goalkeeper, Wilfred Agbonavbare has reportedly lost his battle with cancer. The ex-Rayo Vallecano goalkeeper who had been receiving treatment at a Spanish hospital was said to have died today January 27th in Spain. He was 48 years old.

Agbonavbare, who was a member of Nigeria’s U-21 Mexico 1983 Flying Eagles, lost his wife three years ago to breast cancer. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

Kidnappers Fled To Niger Republic With 15 Years Old Ogun State School Girl

A Niger Republic-based kidnapping syndicate has demanded the payment of $100, 000 as ransom for the release of its 15-year-old victim, Precious Okoro.

The victim’s father, Nwaigwe, explained that Precious was kidnapped around Songotedo, in the Ajah area of Lagos State, where she had boarded a commercial vehicle en route to her school in Ikenne, Ogun State.

He said he never knew his daughter had been abducted until two weeks later when the school management contacted him to say Precious had not reported in school.

He explained that he reported the matter to the police at the Ajah Police Division, where he was asked to exercise patience. He said the cops initially thought she fled to a boyfriend’s house.

Nwaigwe, a trader, said he was later contacted by the kidnappers, who informed him that his daughter was in Niamey, the Niger Republic capital.He said,

“My daughter, who was on holiday, was returning to her school in Ikenne Communty College, Ikene, Ogun State. On Sunday, May 25, 2014, she boarded a bus at the motor park in my presence and I bid her farewell.
I thought she was already in school until the principal called me and said the school was about writing exams and nobody knew her whereabouts.“I quickly informed the police at Ajah, and the Divisional Police Officer told me to be calm and wait because it was possible she went to a boyfriend’s house and they probably wanted to fleece me. 
One fateful morning in August, I saw an international line and the kidnappers said they were calling from Niamey in the Niger Republic, adding that if I wanted to see my daughter alive, I should pay them $100,000.”

The Ohaozara, Ebonyi State indigene said he did not take the callers serious, until he heard the distressed voice of his daughter, who told him they were indeed in Niger Republic and that the bus she boarded that day was owned by the kidnappers.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the victim’s father began to receive repeated calls from the kidnappers, who later asked him to deposit an initial sum of $30,000.

He said, 
“I told them to send me an account number, and they sent an Ecobank account number belonging to one Nwachukwu Daniel. I did not have the money they requested and I contacted the police for help, but I was asked to still exercise patience.After some weeks, they called again and I asked for another account number. They sent a Diamond Bank account number.They were using different international lines to call. They used about 15 different numbers to call us,” he added.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the police later decided to use a decoy to get some of the kidnappers arrested.

A police source said one of the female officers disguised as a girlfriend of one of the kidnappers and called one of the international lines.After a few weeks of telephone conversations, the kidnapper-lover invited his lady to Niger Republic.

He said, 
“He sent someone to bring her and detectives trailed her and monitored their calls. They were able to arrest a suspect, who, however, denied knowing anything about the kidnapping, but said he sometimes overheard the victim’s father conversing with the ‘lover’.”
The matter was said to have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, when there was no further breakthrough in the case.Our correspondent gathered that the police decided to work on the three account numbers sent to the victim’s family.

A source told PUNCH Metro that the numbers led the police to different states in the country.

He said, 
“It was discovered that one of the account numbers was opened at Idumota, Lagos State, and when the police got there, they were told the owner was in Niger Republic.“Another account number led the police to Onitsha, Anambra State, and when they investigated, they discovered that the owner had earlier been arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Onitsha and had been killed. The N200, 000 the victim’s father paid into the account was stuck because the suspect did not collect it before he died.”
Our correspondent was told that the police, however, arrested a sister of the suspect living in Aba, Abia State, who had been collecting money paid into a Diamond Bank account number opened in the state.
The girl was said to have admitted that the account belonged to her brother, who was sending money into it and giving her instructions on how the funds should be distributed among the family members.

A source said the girl had been arrested with two other suspects.The victim’s father, Nwaigwe, said the matter had been referred to the Federal Criminal Investigation Department, Alagbon, Lagos.
It was learnt that the police had not been able to do anything due to lack of funds.

“The police have gone far on this case and needed funds to get those rogues arrested. There is still hope of getting the girl safe home,” a source said.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, said he would call back, but had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report.

31 Year Old Chinedu Nwafor Nnalue Butchers His Father In Anambra

Tragedy struck in Urum community in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State yesterday morning. A 31-year-old man, Mr Chinedu Nwafor-Nnalue suddenly went berserk and butchered his 64-year-old father, Mr. Nwafor Nnalue to death.

The man, it was gathered, had on many occasions threatened to kill his father before he finally cut him down while he was preparing to attend an elders’ meeting in the community. According to eyewitnesses, Chinedu, a father of three, had perfected his evil plans, enquiring  from his family members around when they would be going out for the day, apparently to enable him enough time to perpetrate the evil act.

After murdering his father, the suspect was said to have vowed to kill his mum and other members of the household. The desperate cries of neighbors, it was gathered, saved the others from being killed, as youths in the community rushed to the scene and prevented the young man from completing his mission.
An eyewitness who spoke to Daily Sun said Chinedu had on several occasions chased his father about with a sharp cutlass, threatening to cut short his life but had always been prevented by the youths around. His grouse, it was gathered, was that his father was the cause of his misfortune.

According to Mr Chukwuma Nwoye, a nephew to the deceased, the killer-son would have terminated his father’s life long ago if not for the timely intervention of the youths around. He disclosed that the suspect had threatened to kill him that morning if he had attempted to rescue the deceased. Nwoye said the deceased had no issues with his son before he was murdered.

Hear him:
 “The deceased was my uncle. They were all living in the northern part of Nigeria when the boy became a Muslim. He equally married a Muslim. But he had been acting funny in recent times. He was even sent to South Africa by his family to make his life better. He was asked to do whatever he could do to make his life better, but he joined a gang of smokers. Since he came back, he had been exhibiting funny traits. He often chased his father about with a sharp cutlass to kill him. He had done that not less than four times. The last time he did that, we went and bought him this drug I have in my hand to see if that could get him back to his senses, because we thought; maybe he had some infections in the brain. In fact, he had even threatened to kill me if I drew near to prevent him from killing his father. He was wielding a very sharp machete. And one thing is that they were not having any issues or quarrel before.”
Another nephew to the deceased, Mr Chibuzo Chukwuemeka, said the suspect was a chronic Indian hemp smoker and had been behaving abnormally since he returned from Maiduguri where the family was living before. He said although the boy had no quarrel with his father, he had been behaving abnormally since he converted to Islam in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Hear him:
“I came back from Lagos and this morning I was already on my way to board a vehicle back to Lagos when I received an emergency call to return. On coming back, I was informed that my uncle had been slaughtered by his son. Before I got home, he had died. The boy ran upstairs and locked himself up in the room and refused to open it until the police arrived and forced the door open. They got him arrested and then they took him to the police station. The deceased was equally taken to the mortuary.
“The boy converted to Islam in Maiduguri in the North East. He equally married an Hausa woman in the north and they have three children. So when he came back home, his attitude had changed. He is the fourth son of his family. He smokes Indian hemp, and the villagers had told of how he used to chase everybody about with a sharp cutlass. And he had been threatening to kill his father. This is the fourth time he was chasing his father about with cutlass, and finally he had succeeded in killing him.”
None of his immediate family members could speak to this reporter as they were visibly in shock, even as the deceased’s wife was said to have been taken to her family house for safety as at the time of filing this report.
Chairman of Urum Central Vigilante, Mr Alexander Nwafor spoke with Daily Sun on the issue. He said:
 “This morning, the town crier had sent a message for a meeting at Igwe’s Palace and we were all headed to the place. Suddenly, we started hearing a loud cry from the deceased’s house. When we got to the house it was horrible. The scene is better seen than told. The young man butchered his father and we thank God the police came in time. If not, many people may have gone down as well.
“He behaves like someone who is insane because he smokes Indian hemp. He had been threatening to kill his father every day. He kept saying he would kill his father. The worst part of it is that barely two minutes after he had killed his father, he told his mother that it was her turn to be slaughtered as well. In fact, when we arrived, he was threatening to kill any of us who came near him.”
But when contacted on the telephone, the Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Uche Eze said he was yet to be briefed on the murder. “I am not aware of that. It has not been reported to me. I’m just coming out from the usual Monday morning briefing.”

We Support Bruce Jenner %100 - Kim Kardashian On Transgender Rumours

Kim Kardashian has responded to reports of Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman.Though she did not deny the reports, she said he is the happiest she has seen him and she would let him address the rumours himself ...When asked by Entertainment Tonight..She said

'I think Bruce is very happy, the happiest I've ever seen him,"I think everyone goes through things in life, and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he'll share whenever the time is right," "I feel like that's his journey to talk about.""He's our dad so we support him no matter what, and I think when the time is right, he'll talk about whatever he wants to talk about. I just think it's his story to talk about, not really mine 
"Well we support Bruce no matter what, so we were just at his house hanging out and we wanted to take a picture, that was not like a secret message like, 'We support Bruce,'"Of course we support Bruce 100 percent."

Ex-militant Bathes Former Lover With Acid

An accidental meeting between 24-year-old hair stylist, Miss Juliet Osimen from Esan West Local Government Area, Edo State, and Austin, a native of Emu-Unoh, Ndokwa West Area, Delta State, in Warri, glued them together. Barely three years into the affair, Austin, shattered the promising life of his lover with a cruel acid bath.
Today, after battling to survive with a year-long intensive care at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH, Benin, Edo State, Juliet still requires over N5 million lifeline for a medical trip to Indian, as she struggles to pick up the pieces of her devastated life.
in the beginning

According to Vanguard Juliet met Austin while working at a fast food centre in the Niger Cat neighbourhood of Ekpan, Delta State, where her father, Pastor Sunday Osimen, farmer and Head at the Mountain of God’s Grace Ministry in the area, also owns a modest home.
Recalling the good times, Juliet said:
“Austin was very generous in the relationship and often granted most of the requests I made. As a result, I hardly hesitated when he started making proposals for marriage and coming close to my family.
“When we met, he was living with his uncle at Nnewi Street, off Aka Avenue, Effurun.
“As the relationship grew, we rented a self-contained apartment at satellite Ugolo community, Okpe Council area, where we shared privacy occasionally, while I still lived with my parents.
‘My fears’
“Though, I cherished his uncommon generosity towards me and my siblings, I started getting worried about the source of his income, which to me did not connect with the generator repairs job he told me he does for a living.
“My suspicions were confirmed the day we went to Obiaruku for the marriage of his friend. There is a particular bag he does not allow me or anyone else touch at all.
“This fateful day, as he was having an after wedding drinking spree with friends in the hotel we lodged, I opened the secret bag in our room.
“I was shocked by two items I found. An identity card as a Federal Government Amnesty beneficiary and a document list of guns and other dangerous weapons submitted by his group during the arms mop up.
“From that moment, my interest in the affair died and I wanted out immediately. I knew I was living with an unrepentant criminal because he is easily irritated and always bragging about how tough he is and how he can deal with anyone and go away with it.
“That night at Obiaruku, I confronted him on his criminal identity and why he kept it from me. He said he was worried I would leave him and he does not want to lose me.
“That moment, I made it clear I was no longer interested and would not marry a criminal disguising as repentant. I meant every word of it.
 “But I knew it was dangerous to make a sudden quit, so I started limiting my contact with him and thinking of how best to stop the affair permanently.
“Then, I further learned that the man I was planning to marry is a father of three, married to a woman elsewhere.
“I confronted him. He admitted and again said he kept that from me for fear of losing me. He said he could not do without me, so he wants me as second wife. I said over my dead body.
… and the threats began
“As I gradually limited my contact with him, he introduced a catch phrase whenever the issue of breaking the relationship came up.
“He would say, ‘You can’t leave me. If you try it, I will so damage you that no man would want to look at you, so I will still be the only one to marry you.’
“I could tell from his anger and tone, whenever he says it, that this was no empty threat, but I needed to get out of the affair.
“I trained as a hair stylist and work for a salon owner, while also doing home service for some clients on Sundays.
“One Sunday, I was home fixing a customer’s hair when my phone rang. It was Austin’s call so I ignored it.
“Usually, he is very jealous and gets upset if he does not know my whereabouts and cannot get me on the phone for a second and he can beat me for that.
Pulling a knife; the acid bath
“At night at Ugolo that day, he pulled a knife from the kitchen, threatening to kill me, saying he saw a man taking me out the period I failed to pick his call.
“I was afraid he could harm me so I refused confrontation with him before he dropped the knife. Next morning, he came to my work place apologizing for his action after complaining to my madam.
 “The evening of the Monday (February 25, 2013) preceding the Sunday he threatened me with a knife at Ugolo, I refused his calls again after closing from work and went to my parents’ home.
“He then called my younger sister, asking if my parents were home. That was about midnight.
“It was very hot that night. At some minutes to 1am, February 26, I had just my towel tied on me when I slept close to the window.
“Suddenly, I heard and felt a shower of liquid from outside through the window. The person aimed and poured it all over my body as I lay faced up.“Immediately, I started shouting, ‘Igwe (Austin) had poured acid on me’ repeatedly and ran out as the liquid was burning my body. I saw him running away.”
A father’s story
Her father, Pastor Osimen, said he and the wife, Caroline, were at their farmhouse at Orega, along Sapele Road, where they farm most weekdays before retiring home to the children and church service on Sunday, when he got a distressing message.
He said:
 “I was contacted after she had been rushed to the Ekpan General Hospital. I returned from the farming expedition and lodged complaint at the Ekpan Police Division.
“We could not focus on the police case because saving my daughter’s life first was uppermost.
“From Ekpan General Hospital, she was referred to the Oghara Teaching Hospital, Oghara in Delta State. From there, she was referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH, in Benin, Edo State.She was under intensive care at UBTH for almost a year with the medical bill rising to N2 million, way beyond my purse. But by some divine intervention, some persons from the Edo State government, I guess, came and settled the huge bill before she was discharged.”
Pastor Osimen asserted, “back to Delta at the close of 2014, we opened the case to prosecute Austin at the Warri Area Command.
“After two years in hiding, within which even his uncle at Aka Avenue also relocated to unknown location, the police caught him, last month.”
It was learned that a source who knew him, noticed that he was in custody at the Ekpan Police Station, having been arrested and brought from Lagos in connection with a kidnap case.
According to Juliet’s father, 
“when I met him at Ekpan Police Station, I said to him, ‘Igwe is this you?’ he replied, ‘Daddy, I beg.’“I said, ‘you are begging to go free after deliberately maiming my daughter?’”
N5m lifeline to save a soul
Austin’s trial was supposed to start, Thursday, January 29, at an Effurun court in the state.
At press time, the suspect was on remand at the Warri prisons.
Juliet’s doctor said at least N5 million was required for further treatment abroad to further manage the dreadful scars of the acid burns, especially her face and the chest region, as well as the health challenges the attack still posed to her.
Juliet said:
 “It is hard to explain how bad and demoralized I feel over this condition I have found myself.“I am, however, very grateful to God and those who have assisted me. But I need to be able to fulfill my dreams in life. I was to sit for JAMB before the attack.“I still want to get higher education; I still want to be useful to myself. Now I can hardly do anything meaningful.”
Joined by his wife, Pastor Osimen said: 
“We are appealing to the public to please help us and our daughter with donations to go to India for her surgery.
“May God help you as you send your donations to Osimen Sunday, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, account number, 3054669825.”

Dbanj Responds To Broke Rumours

 Dbanj has been hounded by rumours of being cash-strapped. Even after the court summons for allegedly owing N60m was made public, he still didn't talk about it.. However, the star who recently confessed he fell out with Don Jazzy because of the Kanye West deal, posted the above pictures on instagram.. He is also preparing for his 10 year anniversary concert which features Amber Rose..

2face & Annie Idibia In The Kitchen Last Night Cooking

Despite the viral photo of 2face pictured with babymama Pero, it appears that has done nothing to ruffle their bond..Wizkid's boo Tania Omotayo just shared this lovely photo of the couple cooking last night..

Ellen DeGeneres & Wife Portia de Rossi In Adorable Makeup Free Selfie

To mark her 57th birthday, talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres hit the beach with her 41 year old wife,Portia de Rossi hit the beach and took a lovely selfie..They have been married for 6 years, Now you see why i call them my favorite couple lol.. 

Jude Okoye Shares Adorable Picture Of Wife & Daughter

The proud husband and father just shared this photo of his ex-beauty queen wife, Ify and 2 months old baby with caption "Happy"The couple got married in July 2014 and welcomed their daughter in November 2014...So beautiful

Saturday, January 24, 2015

65 Years Old Man Nabbed While Trying To Transfer Money From Murdered Man's Account

A look at 65-year-old Akpan Joseph , will never pass him for a fraudster, owing to his seemingly calm disposition. But he is currently cooling his heels at the dreaded Lagos State Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Ikeja.
Reason? He was reported to have gone to one of the Ilorin branches of a first generation bank,on January 7, 2015, posing as one of the account holders , who had come to transfer the sum of N1 million from his supposed account , into two separate accounts,

Meanwhile, the authentic account holder, a 35 year-old business man identified as Chinedu Mba, was murdered four months earlier by unknown gunmen in his apartment in Gindiri Jos, Plateau state.
Back in the banking hall in Ilorin, Joseph was asked to sit down while the transaction was being processed. Unknown to him, the cashier who apparently suspected something was amiss, had called in the police. Joseph was reportedly arrested and later transferred to the Lion building division in Lagos. Thereafter, he was transferred to the SARS.
On further checks, the late Chinedu Mba’s phone was also discovered from Joseph.
In this interview with Crime Guard, he claimed to have been hired by a man whose name he simply gave as Benson, to make the transaction, with a promise to be given N200,000 at the end. He further stated that the said Benson also handed the decease d’s sim card to him.
Hear the Akwa-ibom state born :
“ A man called Benson , whom I met about ten years ago while I was a security man at Tin Island ports, took me to Ilorin for a business transaction.
He did not give me full details of the business transaction but he promised to give me 20% of the amount . The way he described the business made the transaction look so easy and without complications .
We travelled to Ilorin on January, 5, 2015 and lodged in Henry George hotel for two days.
Thereafter, Benson gave me a filled fund transfer form before we proceeded to Union bank where he asked me to submit the form, posing as the account holder. The filled form was an instruction to transfer N500,000 each into two separate GTB accounts with name Victoria Abikele.
But to my surprise, the cashier looked intently at me and back to the computer system before him. Before I knew it, I was arrested . And when I turned to look for Benson, he was no where to be found”
Journey to MTN to retrieve decease SIM card
It was after I was arrested that I got to know that the owner of the account was murdered. I am not the killer. I was in possession of the sim because Benson went to MTN office in Ilorin to retrieve the number of late Chinedu, while I waited for him in the car. On his arrival, he handed the phone to me.
I didn’t kill the late Chinedu. I didn’t even know that he was dead. Right now I feel very stupid for my action because I never thought I would get into this kind of trouble. I wish Benson would be arrested. He has answers to the questions at hand.
I strongly believe that an insider in the bank gave Benson the information that Chinedu was dead, that is why he had all the details about the deceased.
Ah! what will my family say? I told my wife in the village that I was going to Seme to buy second hand clothes. I didn’t tell her I was travelling to Illorin for a business transaction”, he said in an emotional laden tone.
On his part, the bereaved father , Mr Merclenious Mba, a native of Enugu state, described the whole scenero as a movie, wishing he would wake up to discover it was one after all.

The 57 year-old father of nine, said the family received with shock the news of the death of his son, Chinedu, on September 9,  2014, by gunmen who stormed his apartment.

“Immediately I received the news, I requested that his remains be brought home which they did and he was buried according to the traditional rites in my place.
After his burial ceremony I sent some family members to his house in Jos to bring back his properties, only to discover that he had about N6.5 million in his union bank account.
Discovered fraud

We went to the bank with all necessary data and the bank agreed to transfer the funds to Obinna, my younger son’s account.   But on arriving the bank with Obinna, we were made to understand that someone had been making withdrawals from my late son’s account, as a withdrawal of N1 million had been made, by one Victoria Abikele, on January 5, 2015, leaving out N5.5 million. We were advised to go to Abuja , where the person that was using my late son’s number was traced to.
From Abuja, we came to Lion Building division ,Lagos, where two men ; a father and son alleged to have been caught with my late son’s phone were brought before us! We were told that they had been impersonating Obinna and I”
To ascertain the true identities of Mr Mba and his son Obinna, the Police at Lion building reportedly requested for the number of the deceased. Obinna was said to have called it out and when the number was dialled, the phone with the impostor rang.

At that point, the bereaved father who was infuriated, attempted to hit Akpan Joseph, the impostor, but he was prevented by the police.

Trying hard not to betray his emotion, Mr Mba said:
 “ All I want is justice. I want in-depth investigation, that would lead to those involved in the death of my son. They must be brought to book.”

An Evil Spirit Always Possesses Me-60 - Years Old Man Who Sleeps With 14 Years Old Daughter

“I cannot remember what I did. An evil spirit always possesses me and as soon as I am done, I will regain my senses. Most especially, my daughter never resisted whenever I touch her. I am terribly sor­ry; it is the devil. I have even attended different deliverance services, hoping that God will save me.”
Those were the words of a 60-year-old man, Isiaka Alade, who was arrested by police for allegedly defiling his 14-year-old daughter.

He was picked up by operatives of Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti when a good Samaritan, who saw him in the act, alerted the police. The unfortu­nate girl (name withheld) was rescued and handed over to the Police welfare depart­ment, pending when she would reunite with her mother or any other member of her ex­tended family.

According to Sun ,At the police station, the teenager re­vealed that it was her father who deflowered her sometime in 2013. She alleged that her father convinced her that there was nothing wrong in what he was doing to her. He was accused of buying different gifts for her as a way of wooing her to submit.

Sober and begging for mercy, Alade promised that if given a second chance, he would return the daughter to her mother.
 “I am sorry but the truth is that I am possessed. No normal father will do such a thing to his daughter. My mistake was allowing her to live with me when I knew that I do not have a wife or woman friend.”
According to him, the girl is his only surviving child.
 “I have been unlucky with women. My first two wives had kids but they all died. I finally married (this girl’s) mother but she was very stubborn. After the birth of (the girl), we separated and she went back to our village in Osun State.
“When (the girl) became eight years, her mother called that I should come and carry her, as she wanted to remarry. Since she is my only child, I accepted and brought her to Lagos in 2008. I was able to enroll her in a private school, till sometime in 2013 when my landlord sold the house and we were forcefully evicted.
“A member of my church assisted me to get a room in an uncompleted building in Ayobo, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State. I started packing sands and making enough money to sustain both of us. It was not easy but I managed, while I made plans to return her to her mother.”
He claimed that he masturbated on top of his daughter, twice.
“This is the one I can remember. I just held her and was play­ing with her breasts till I was satisfied. Al­though I have not slept with another woman for the past eight years, I have done my best not to womanise. I will never have sex with anyone that is not my wife. I was planning to travel to the village and marry another woman who has a job. I do not know what I did to the baale (community leader) that he has sworn to deal with me.
“This is a matter that I can settle with my daughter as a family. I promise to return her to the village as soon as possible. I know that she will forgive me, because we have suffered together in Lagos. I have a lot of people whom I worked for that currently owe me. My plans were to use the money to send her to the village. I am not denying whether I did it or not. I am guilty but please understand that it is the devil that possessed me, ” he pleaded.
Confirming his arrest, Lagos State police spokesman, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said that Alade would soon be charged to court. He also said that the girl is currently at the wel­fare department, pending when she will be reunited with her family.

Donjazzy Replies Fan Who Asked If Dbanj Is Really Broke

With the reports of Dbanj facing financial difficulties keep getting stronger,one fan felt it would be better to ask his former partner,Donjazzy..Donjazzy gave replied with"I am more concerned about your avatar bro"..He also reacted to reports latest song "Oga Titus" is about Dbanj being broke as some insinuate..
Now see the fan's avatar below and you'll realise why Donjazzy is

Former West Life Singer Mark Feehily Now Selling Coffee From A Van

He was in one of the most successful boy bands of all time,but now, Former Westlife singer Mark Feehily is now selling crepes and coffees from a  catering Van .The singer now serves hot food and drinks from the back of a truck as he travels round festivals with his new business.

Admitting his new move is shocking to many,Mark told Today FM's Eoghan McDermott, via website

 "It's going really well, we've got loads of interest and we've booked it in with a lot of the music festivals and we're talking about doing some Irish ones as well.
"People were flabbergasted at the fact that I was in the van making crepes.People kind of have this thing 'Oh, he was in Westlife a few years ago and now he's making tea'."
Well, we're a tad shocked too."It's my business and I love it, anything I get involved in I get involved 110%.A couple of Irish people came up and were like 'Wait a minute, what are you doing in a van?I love festivals, so why not?"

He recognised it would be a shock to many, who imagined he would carry on singing - and now he's launching his solo career too.

He recognised it would be a shock to many, who imagined he would carry on singing - and now he's launching his solo career too.

"Everyone thinks I just went back to my living room and sat down for the last few years,"Just because people can't see you doesn't mean you're not doing anything."
"Not too long after Westlife finished I went back into the studio and made the decision to completely start from scratch.The music that I would come out with as an individual is quite different to Westlife."

ISIS Executes One Of Two Japanese Hostages After Japan Failed To Pay $200m Ransom

Islamic State have reportedly released an audio video announcing the execution of one of the two Japanese hostages who were being held by the extremist group.
The video, which is nearly three minutes long, consists of a still photo of captured Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, holding an alleged photograph showing the beheaded corpse of his fellow hostage, Haruna Yukawa.
According to International Business Times,In the video, Goto is allegedly recorded speaking in English, claiming  that his captors are no longer demanding the $200m (£133.4m) ransom and are now calling for a prisoner swap.
Islamic State are demanding the release of failed female suicide bomber Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, who attempted to blow herself up as part of the 2005 Amman bombings in Jordan.
The video which has yet to be independently verified comes after a 72-hour deadline expired for the Japanese government to pay for the safe release of both hostages

Friday, January 23, 2015

Nollywood Actress Judith Audu Shares Her Thought About Political Parties & The Ongoing Campaign

Award winning Nollywood star Judith Audu shares her thought about politics and the ongoing campaigns...

Tom Hanks Spotted Riding The Subway

Man of the people Tom Hanks was spotted riding the subway in downtown New York City Thursday.

Mike Epps Racism Picture Got The Social Media Talking

Mike Epps got a lesson in racism, the comic actor got blasted on social media for posting a photo of a black man whipping white slaves.

Epps posted the pic on Instagram and Facebook late Thursday night -- and the cotton field scene also included an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. floating above ... and smiling. Epps captioned the image, "I am so proud of you bro! Lol." 

28 Years Old Port Harcourt Based Woman Killed Lover She Met On Badoo

28-year-old Okadigbo is in police net for killing her married lover she met on social networking site, Badoo..

She met the deceased who is from Ondo State on the site in 2013 and they kicked off a relationship without knowing he was a married man and had hopes of getting married to him till she found out that he was already taken and in a fit of jealousy, organized his murder.

Her lover,Bankole Charle,an oil worker with Halliburton Nigeria Limited, Bankole Charles, must have thought he was playing with an ordinary woman when he met Loretta Odikagbo..Little did he know that the affair would end his life .

It all started when she found out that Charles was married and when she confronted him, he owned up to it but promised to buy her a car as compensation but when he failed to fulfil his promise, Okadigbo enlisted the help of one Ime Francis Moses, and another man who is still at large and stormed his Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State residence, and ended his life.

Odikagbo, an Ordinary National Diploma holder in Marketing from the River State Polytechnic (RIVPOLY), and Moses, a university drop out, are now languishing in the cells of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), after they were arrested following the murder of Charles.

The SCID team traced Odikagbo to the residence of her other boyfriend whom she was putting up with at Rumukpokwu, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area on December 10, last year.

Odikagbo confessed to her crime:

"I was arrested over the death of my boyfriend, late Charles Bankole. I conspired with my friend and took my in-law to his house to harass him so I could get some money from him, which led to his death, but I was not there when he died.
I was at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). There is a third person that can tell the story of how he died but unfortunately, he has not been arrested. So, he is not here now. This story can’t be complete if the third person is not arrested.
I am 28 years. I met Bankole on the internet. I initially did not know that Bankole was married; overtime I discovered. He actually promised to settle things with me. He talked about buying a car. When I hinted this to my in-law (Ime), he said he had a way to help me get what I wanted from him and I conceded to the idea. 
 On the agreed day, I moved into Bankole’s house and waited for them there. He came with another of his friend. I opened the door for them. They came in.His junior started tying Bankole up. Ime was holding a torch which they came with because this happened in the night and there was no electricity supply and it was raining heavily.
At a point, I decided to go to the ATM with his (Bankole’s) card to withdraw some money from his bank account. One of the two men decided to go with me. So, my in-law (Ime) was left behind with Bankole who was still alive when we left.
He (Ime) later met me at the ATM point to get some money from me. He informed me that he called a taxi driver to carry some things from Bankole’s house. I told him that I was going because it was already late at night.
I was arrested on December 10, brought here (at the SCID), and showed picture of lifeless body of Bankole. I don’t know who killed him. The relationship lasted for over a year. I am not so certain because we related a long time on the Internet before we met in real life."

On her reaction that the late man was married, she said:
"I was not actually angry, but he did not just tell me he was married. We never discussed marriage.
At a point, we were serious with the relationship but when I discovered his marital status, I was disappointed and decided to pull out to continue with my life but he insisted on buying me a car instead to calm me down. That was what happened.I feel so terrible and primitive. I am guilty of the crime. Bankole was my first Internet boyfriend; I am not used to meeting people on the Internet or Facebook. I blame my action on hanging out with wrong friends."
But the Eket-born Ime gave a different account on how Charles died, making it clear that it was Loretta that actually killed him.Hear his account:

"Loretta called and informed me that her boyfriend owed her some money, which he was supposed to use and settle her out of their broken relationship but he was turning her up and down.
I promised to help her get the money out from the man. On the day agreed, she called me and picked me up at my street junction, from where we proceeded to pick another boy she had earlier called for the job, but the boy came and declined going with us. 
On our way out from the boy’s junction, we met another boy who I know that loads taxi at the junction there. I called him and she explained to him what she wanted to do that night; he agreed to go with us.
 When we got to the man’s house, she went in while we stood under the staircase of the one-storey building he shared with other occupants, waiting for her instructions. I was holding a torch light which she gave me money to buy and a holding a car window winder, which looked like a gun, while the boy was holding a rope and cellotape she brought.After a while, she came and opened the door for us. We got in through the kitchen, where we stood before she called us to come to the bedroom where she was with the man.
When we stepped into the room, I pointed the torch light on the man and told him that he befriended our sister for such a period of time, and pushed her out empty and without shelter, no settlement.
The man pleaded that we should wait, that he was going to settle her. At that point, she started to slap the man all over his face and used the tape to tape his mouth, after which the other boy tied his legs and hands.
 It was then she asked the man for his ATM card and pin; she got them and went to the ATM point with the boy, while I was left with the man in case the pin failed. While they left for the ATM, they carried the man’s phone and laptop.
After a while, she came back to me at the man’s house. I asked her to come let us go, she said, ‘no’, that the man knows her very well, that if we should leave him at this junction, he will definitely come after her, and that when he gets her, she will mention my name. She asked if I will like to be arrested, I said ‘no’.
She now went to the man’s kitchen and brought polythene bag which she wore on the man’s head and sat on it. As the man was struggling, I held his head until the man was motionless.
She gave me N28, 000 only. I feel very guilty for the action."

Charly Boy's Open Letter To Pope Francis

My Dear Francis,

I hope it is ok to call you by your papal name; this is only because I feel so close to you. You have captured my heart with your simplicity, humanity, humility and love.

The first 25yrs of my life was filled with dreams of becoming a priest, having been stuffed with an overdose of religion, a very serious matter in my family.  When I turned 16, I became an altar boy, never missed Bible class or the regular confessions. My late father was a Knight of the Catholic Church. That’s where I’m coming from.

We were a family that prayed together, staunch Catholics for that matter.

Being an adventurous young man however, I dabbled into the occult, metaphysics, Buddhism, astrology, magic and all that jazz; but be that as it may, I still, am fundamentally a Catholic. The Catholic fate had suddenly become boring and old fashioned for me. Well, until you came along.

In 2013, I wrote an article on you titled A BULLET FOR THE POPE, which was published on social media. In that piece, I expressed my fears and concerns about your life and safety. You bravely and boldly took on the Mafia, knowing that there were still pockets of vampires, fraudsters, and criminals in the Vatican. The Vatican under your watch, honoured Rev Giuseppe Puglisi, who was killed over 20yrs ago by mobsters for preaching against the Mafia, now a martyr. You demanded that Mafia members abandon their “evil ways”.
And I wondered… what if the Mafia decides to take you “out” for sweating their business, knowing their infiltration is deep in the Vatican?
You have shown to be true, the saying that the only thing needed for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing.
I am very glad and pleased that you are doing something.It is clear that you possess a beautiful spiritual light burning inside of you.I recognize your effort in trying to bring a better image and name to Catholicism.No matter how anybody wishes to flip it, you are full of surprises, born of true and faithful humility; it sparks of Charlyboyizim.
Francis, I am head over heels in love with your person, you are my Rock Star.
I saw you in The Philippines rocking the world again after Brazil, through the CNN lens. The World has fallen in love with you: is it Jews, Moslems, Atheists, Punks, Monks? In short, nothing is stranger, ever since you came onboard, than the reactions of evangelicals all over the world. Never before in history has a Pope been so widely accepted by Protestants and evangelicals, Muslims, Buddists, non-believers, all and sundry.
Thank God, it is a proud day for Catholics and all mankind.
Finally, we have a Pope who doesn’t see himself as equal to God, a Pope who abandoned the red shoes (that were never an official part of the papal wardrobe anyway): a Pope who dresses modestly, pays his own lodging bills, drives around Vatican City in a Ford Focus, calls many people on the phone, brings jam sandwiches to on-duty Swiss Guards at his door and invites street people to his birthday breakfast. Haba, how far my guy.
The way you embrace and kiss babies, embrace the sick, disfigured broken bodies and the abandoned of society. You are one world leader who speaks the truth to power, walks his talk, and calls idolatry and greed by their real names. You are a bold and courageous shepherd who lifts up the poor and tells us that if they are not part of our lives, then we are a sad and even doomed lot. Just like Francis of Assisi did in his day.
You spent time on your knees washing the feet of young women incarcerated in prisons; first time ever that a Pope would wash the feet of women, not to mention that some of them were Moslems. Hummm, a bloody break in papal tradition.
Last year you unequivocally said that the “door is closed,” on women’s ordination, a statement that I’m sure disappointed many Catholic liberals. You however reiterated that it doesn’t mean the church should consider women as secondary or inferior; that “the feminine genius is needed wherever we make important decisions. Women are asking deep questions that must be addressed, and the church cannot be herself without the woman and her role.” Gbam! Na you talk am.
I remember when you were a mere Bishop in Buenos Aires, you received letters from gays and lesbians who said they were “socially wounded” by the church, and in an interview you answered, “But the Church does not want to do this,”
 I recall also, your visit to Brazil, when asked your opinion about Gays and you gave them a beautiful one liner. “Who am I to judge gay people?”
Simply put, you blow my mind each and every time! Kai!
The world is sick; selfishness, sadness, meanness, vengeance, terror and harshness seem to have the upper hand, and we need the message of Christmas which you preach all year round: goodness, joy, kindness, mercy and the tenderness of our God.
There is this childlike unflinching freedom that allows you to do what you do because you are so unafraid and totally free to be yourself  at the same time. I know because it takes one to know one.
You are such a faithful son of the Church.
I see how you want the church to be an instrument of reconciliation and welcome, a church that is capable of warming hearts, a church that is not bent over on herself but always seeking those on the periphery and those who are lost, a church capable of leading people home to God.
We need the Francis’ revolution of tenderness and mercy now more than ever before.
More than anyone in my lifetime, Pope Francis, you have given me a powerful, luminous glimpse into the mind and heart of God. Thank you.
Thank you again!
Best Regards,
CharlyBoy (AREAFADA)

Baby killed By Trailer In Orile This Afternoon

This is so graphic and one of the worse things you will ever see. A young boy crossing the highway at Orile by Doyin bus-stop, Lagos was crushed to death by a trailer this afternoon. The source who sent the pic wasn't able to tell me how come the boy was crossing the road by himself. Please don't look if you don't have the heart.

Oops: Amber Rose Expose For Photoshop & Fake Butt

Days after the former stripper shared many sexy photos on her instagram page, an account intent on exposing her Photoshopped 'lies' was created. The new instagram page called 'amberhoez' 
yesterday posted several unretouched photos of Amber side by side with the flawless pictures posted on Amber's account.

The account also accused the mother of one, who's always insisted that her butt is real, of getting her butt done.

Oops Leaked Nude Picture Of Lil Mama(Rapper)

Rapper Lil Mama is the latest celeb to pose completely naked in photos that leaked online. They say she's trying to revive her career and get people talking about her again...and so...a naked photo shoot is the way to go. If you want to see it and you're over 18, then go HERE.

TLC Surpasses Fundraising Goal - Made $170k In Two Days

A few days ago, T.Boz and Chilli launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to raise $150k for the final TLC album. They got $5k from Katy Perry, $10k from Kids On The Block and over $160k from other fans around the world, helping them surpass their goal of $150k in less than 48 hours.

As of today January 22nd, the group raised over $170k for their album with 28 more days to go.

Reasons Why You Should Never Marry - John Dumelo

Not for sex, age, pressure or money. Single Ghanian actor John Dumelo took to his instagram page to advise those who feel pressurized to get married for one reason or the other.

Hollywood Stars Commend Nigerian Film-Maker Jeta Amata On ‘Black November'

Black November” is the first film that represents a successful blend of the Nollywood and Hollywood Film Industries. If you haven’t seen this film and you are an African living in North America, then you are definitely missing out as this is a must-watch flick. This long-awaited Hollywood/Nollywood flick ‘Black November’ by Jeta Amata is now showing in LA and NY Theaters, iTunes, Amazon, and is currently being seen via Video On-Demand (VOD) on all TV cables and Satellite all over the US.

The film surrounds the events in the life of a Nigerian activist character Ebiere Penema played by Mbong Amata, which led to a face-off with Nigerian militants that held U.S. citizens in a hostage crisis. Kudos to Jeta Amata for being able to pull Hollywood’s A-List names such as Academy Award (Oscar) Nominee Mickey Rourke, Academy Award (Oscar) Winner Kim Bassinger, Satellite Award Winner Sarah Wayne, and Music Super-superstar Akon and Wyclef in this masterpiece work ‘Black November’.

Amata who continues to receive several commendations on this great movie had Award winning musician and cast Wclef Jean post a tweet “Jeta Amata u are my favorite director right now.” Award-winning Actress Vivica A Fox also tweeted “Love working with you Jeta!! U rock n make it happen.” Also Stacy Ivers, former VP of Warner Bros and Universal congratulated Jeta Amata on his Facebook wall for making “an impact in a very difficult marketplace”.  

It is also not a surprise that this is the first time every major critic in the United States including New York Times, Hollywood Report, LA Weekly, Variety etc., are fully taking their time to review and comment on a film made by a Nollywood Director. Keep in mind, that they usually don’t review every film, only those that have potentials for success.
New York Dailies critic, Elizabeth Weitzman also commended Jeta Amata, “his primary storyline is evident, and well-represented by his star’s soulful performance as an ordinary girl pushed to extraordinary bravery.
A notable critic, Guy Lodge also wrote in the Variety, “even modest exposure for this Nigerian-American co-production may encourage more native filmmakers to try.
It is refreshing to see Africans telling our own stories in an overly-dramatic and unapologetic way, while still using international Hollywood standards.
Simone McIntyre also tweeted, “Congratulations Jeta so wonderful to shed light on this subject with the world.
Also worthy of mention is that never has an African female activist/ hero been created and given this platform in the Nollywood Film Industry. No African director has taken such a risk and the chances taken by Jeta certainly paid off with Mbong Amata who rose to the occasion, delivered her best in the movie and refused to allow the big names to silence her opportune moment.
All the major platforms in America are shedding light on this film, and Indiewire also contacted Jeta Amata’s PR to request a story about the making of the film because they were highly inspired with the production. Click here to view the write-up.
Having E-One Entertainment also pick up this movie is another big achievement for Nollywood. E-One is the same distribution company in charge of Hunger Game & Twilight Saga, just to name a few.
This film serves as an inspiration to Nollywood directors to invest adequately into making Hollywood standard films while maintaining the authentic African story-telling roots. The audience continues to desire the blend of beloved stars from both Hollywood and Nollywood in future film productions and hopefully, Black November is the beginning of many more of its kind. 
Black November is available to all on everyone’s On-Demand feature in America, so if you haven’t seen this movie, we recommend you watching it!
Watch tiller