Maureen Renfro's Blog: 15 Rarest Photographs In History

Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 Rarest Photographs In History

                                                  Google Team (1999)
Who knew how much this relatively modest team at Google headquarters would go on to revolutionise the way we use the internet?

                                         The First Photo Of Outer Space (1946)
How could they possibly take a photo of the Earth from space before there was even a space program? The story goes that soldiers attached a camera to a missile before it was launched. Take that Google Maps. Speaking of which…

                                                    Titanic's Iceberg (1912)
Speaking of the Titanic, this is thought to be the very iceberg that sealed the famous ship’s fate. It even appears to have some dents in it.

                                           The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)
No, this is not the famous Abbey Road photo simply reversed. It’s the Beatles walking the other way across the now-famous zebra crossing. In 2012, the photo sold at auction for $25,000 US.

                                              The First Ever Walmart (1962)
Hard to imagine that from this simple image emerged a supermarket global empire.

                                                A Waterless Hoover Dam (1936)
Here’s something we’ll probably never see again in our own lifetime: the Hoover Dam without any water in it.

                                                       Hitler’s Bunker (1945)
 This is thought to be the first photograph taken of Adolf Hitler’s underground bunker after his death.

                                       Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction (1937)
This must have been such a mammoth task to undertake. Who would have thought it would eventually be declared one of the wonders of the modern world?

                                                   Disnleyland Opening Day (1955)
Now a staple in American tourism, it’s hard to imagine what the crowds would have been like when they finally opened Disneyland all those years ago.

                                                         The MGM Lion (1929)
You know that lion roaring at the beginning of old films? Yep, this is the moment these cameraman captured that iconic movie intro.

                                                 Eiffel Tower Construction (1888)
Well, we suppose it makes sense that even the world’s most famous construction had to have a beginning.

                                                  Mount Rushmore Being Carved (1932)

Specifically this is the head of George Washington. Just look at the size comparison between America’s first president and those construction workers.

                                          Construction Of The Statue Of Liberty (1884)
What’s even more amazing about this image is it shows the statue being constructed in Paris. We wonder how they delivered it to America. We’re pretty sure Fed-Ex wasn’t around back then.

                                       Titanic Survivors Boarding The RMS Carpathia (1912)

Not everyone perished on that fateful day in 1912 when the Titanic went down. Here we can see some of the survivors being rescued by the RMS Carpathia.

                                                 Family Photo Left On The Moon (1972)
This family photo was left on the moon by Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke in 1972. It’s even sealed up to keep it protected.