Maureen Renfro's Blog: 2shotz Cries Out After Spending The Night In Police Cell

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2shotz Cries Out After Spending The Night In Police Cell

 Here is what rapper 2shotz just posted on his instagram page.He was arrested last night and was only released this morning ..According to him,he was pulling out of a friend's house and was accused of following one way ..He was then dragged to the cell despite his pleas
"Hello everyone.. With deep pain n anger.. Both for nigerians and the nigerian police force which FRANKLY speaking is d MOST corrupt system in nigeria...... I was dragged to dis shit hole (even after my identity was disclosed to them) and harassed detained with my car from 10pm till this morning, for JUST pulling outta a friends place yesterday... I pleaded with dem, tried to understand what they were talking about till i was dragged to d police station were they put together a lie dat i took one way....just to extort money from me....
What pained me the most was how they were bringing in all sorts of innocent people.. N by morning give dem all a bill....... I maintained being calm because the police officers were oozing of serious alcohol... And still drinking in d police station... So i remained calm.. For fear of being shot for just asking questions why i was being dragged there.... Now ive seen policemen from THIS particular police division harrass innocent people and No one is doing something about it....... If this post goes viral.. Id like to use th is medium to alert the police commissioner and Lagos state government to look into these policemen and police area division before it gets worse than it already is... People in dat area are or have become scared of the terror and inhumane treatment from these policemen ..... PLEASE DEAR FUTURE LEADERS.... This is a post that should be taken seriously..... If you want our votes"