Maureen Renfro's Blog: 8 Men You Should Stay Away From

Saturday, January 10, 2015

8 Men You Should Stay Away From


Nothing will ever be good enough for this MEN you’ll always be too loud, too stupid, too happy avoid him like you would the plague, you’ll never be good enough for him and he’ll just kill your self esteem.

Most guys will put a sport first at some point, but you know that he’ll be there for you if you need him. Men who love sport too much, however, won’t care if the house is on fire or the baby's crying, he’ll just want another beer and some “peace” to watch the match.

Understood you are not a materialistic girl, you are independent and are alright with going Dutch on a date. Women don't necessarily want a rich millionaire, but a little something can be a good thing. Even the guy would feel his dignity is safe if he can contribute some. And a man who still cannot understand this - girl, dump the moron now!
No darling, you are just a selfish man who has taken certain wrong decisions perhaps, but doesn't want to admit it. I know you just said 'no', but deep down you know it's a 'yes'! Unaccountable, selfish or plain immature, grow up or stop pulling the other person down with you by blaming the world or her for your problems, lest she decides to move the 'problem' away from your life.


But his casual approach to your relationship will only drive you further into desperation. The more he doesn’t answer you, the more you’ll call. The more he avoids meeting your friends, the more you’ll want to force get-togethers. The more clearly he doesn’t need you, the more painfully you’ll need him. You’ll find yourself doing all kinds of things you never imagined yourself doing — reading through his phone, leaving him deeply emotional drunk messages, starting fights for no reason — and it won’t be out of jealousy. At least, not really. It will be out of a desire to feel something, to know that he cares, that there is a reason for all of your churning emotion. Even anger, even fighting, even the discovery of a text message to another girl, would be preferable to “haha yea.” It’ll be his neutrality that kills you.


No woman really wants to date a player, but for some reason a lot of females is attracted to them. Newsflash: a player has and wants no future with you. As the name entails, he’s doing nothing but playing you, wasting your time, and letting you go whenever he’s found a new lady to mess with. Players only want sidepieces, and we’re all worth a lot more than that.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving money and finding deals. However, there is a line that should be drawn. If this man will only take you out to dinner to restaurants when he has a coupon or if you’re only allowed to order off the happy hour drink menu, it’s time to reconsider. Being frugal is one thing, but being cheap is a completely different trait.

The Guy That Doesn’t Drink Or Smoke

There’s nothing wrong with drinking, especially when you know your limits. However, dating a guy who loves to drink and drinks almost every night will only smells like trouble and liquor.  A man who lives to drink and drinks to live will be costly in the end. What’s the fun in getting drunk every weekend? Guys tend to act like fools when they’re drunk anyway! Men that doesn’t drink or smoke they will break your heart, mostly when they aren’t ready to do anything serious…. Every man must pick something to replace women, if he smokes he doesn’t drink, if he drinks he doesn’t smoke, if he smokes and drink you got a problem if he doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke he womanize a lot so get ready….