Maureen Renfro's Blog: After Surviving A Kidney Transplant OJB Has Launched A Kidney Trust Fund

Sunday, January 4, 2015

After Surviving A Kidney Transplant OJB Has Launched A Kidney Trust Fund

After surviving a kidney transplant, OJB has launched a Kidney Trust Fund, in collaboration with The Bow Tie Club, a non-profit making organization. It is being set up to address the issue of funding of kidney disease treatment.Speaking at the launch, OJB recounted his horrible experience.
What was going through my mind was basically what was going through the minds of over 30 millions people that have kidney related problems. Honestly, when you are younger, you don’t think about death.

But for some reasons, I had to think and consider death. I considered the possibilities that it could happen. And of course, when I start considering the possibilities of dying, everything starts flashing back to me; did I do enough, what didn’t I do right, should I die now, what is going to happen to my family and business.

As a result, you start to think about all these things, and the pressure of the thought begin to increase upon you, as the days go by. The psychological trauma is bigger than what you can imagine.
On not giving up “ I had over 14 million people who were interested in my predicament. So, why should I give up hope of surviving. That was the lucky situation I found myself then. On the operation in India  It was horrible “but I had confidence that I would make it.” On finally setting up an NGO I had already started working towards setting up the foundation, before I fell sick. My sickness was more of an awakening call for me to set up a foundation. I feel that setting up a foundation is something I was meant to do. I also feel that what I went through was for a purpose. I think people that have kidney related problem need a voice, and that was why God allowed me to go through the trauma”.