Maureen Renfro's Blog: Air Force Corporal Slaps CSP Thrice At Lagos Airport

Monday, January 19, 2015

Air Force Corporal Slaps CSP Thrice At Lagos Airport

There was confusion at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos State, on Monday after a yet-to-be identified air force lance corporal assaulted a senior policewoman.
The lance corporal, who did not wear a name tag, was said to be working in the office of the Airport Commandant, Group Captain Victor Ajiboye.

Punch Metro gathered that the corporal slapped the woman, a Chief Superintendent of Police, identified as Felicia Victor, three times for resisting attempts to tow a patrol vehicle.

Our correspondent learnt that a sergeant, who drove the patrol vehicle, was also punched in the mouth by the officer.

A senior air force official, identified as Pilot Abdullahi, who witnessed the incident, was said to have intervened by disarming the officer and ordering his detention.

A witness, who craved anonymity, explained that the police officers were on their way to a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, Airport Command, when the incident happened.

He said,

“The incident happened about 9.45am when the cops were going for a meeting with the CP. They reached a checkpoint and the air-force man challenged them that he had asked them to stop, but they didn’t stop on time.
“The sergeant driving came down and explained that he didn’t know he flagged him down. But the lance corporal said he would puncture the tyres.
“As he made to puncture one of the tyres, the CSP blocked him, and he slapped her. He went to the other side of the bus, and she followed him there, and he slapped her again.
“The sergeant, who drove the vehicle, challenged him and he punched him. The CSP asked the air-force man if he was drunk, and that upset him to slap her for the third time.”

The eyewitness said a superior air force officer who came around and saw when the corporal slapped the CSP for the third time, disarmed him and ordered his detention.

When our correspondent visited the police station at Bissam, where the CSP worked, he saw her with her cheeks swollen.

Some other policemen were sighted by PUNCH Metrocondoling with her over the incident.

Our correspondent visited the office of the Airport Police Public Relations Officer, identified simply as Supol Dennis, but he was not 

Around .When contacted on the telephone, he said he was indisposed and was not available for comment.

The Commissioner of Police, Airport Command, Wahab Salau, said, “I am not aware. Please I am not aware (cuts call).”

The Nigerian Air Force Public Relations Officer, Joel Abioye, said he had not been briefed.

The Airport Commandant, Ajiboye, after listening to our correspondent, said, “I am not aware.”