Maureen Renfro's Blog: Amber Rose Spent New Year's Eve With French Montana

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amber Rose Spent New Year's Eve With French Montana

A game to get back at the Kardashians? Well, Amber Rose is now said to be rebounding with French Montana..Earlier on when the rumour was made public, they quickly countered it by claiming she was dating his brother instead..However, they were spotted at SLS hotel in Vegas on New Year’s Eve
..Kim Kardashian took her man Kanye, Kylie took her bestie's man Tyga...Maybe she is trying to take Khloe's man...According to Honey German
A source close to French’s camp reached out on January 1st to tell us that Amber allegedly quietly flew in (on French’s tab of course) to Las Vegas to ring in the New Year with the rapper and brought along her twerk partner and BFF  Blac Chyna.
Later that night, French and Amberare said to have reportedly left their respective entourages behind and retracted to his hotel room.  The two never came back out and his Coke Boys along with one annoyed Chyna were picked up in  a chauffeured car sent by ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Mally Mall. The abandoned homies all hit up a strip club together while French and Amber never resurfaced for the remainder of the night from his hotel room.

The source also revealed that Amber and French have been discretly “hooking up” since this past November but are being extremely quiet about their special friendship since neither one is looking for a serious relationship with the other.