Maureen Renfro's Blog: Cops Find Bodies Of Elderly Couple In The Truck Of 21 Years Old Eric Alexander Campbell

Friday, January 2, 2015

Cops Find Bodies Of Elderly Couple In The Truck Of 21 Years Old Eric Alexander Campbell

Two Cops Shot By Suspect They Pulled Over - Only To Find He Had The Bodies Of Elderly Couple In His Truck After killing Them & Burning Their House Down In Home Invasion

An elderly couple have been found dead after a father and son broke into their house in an apparent random home invasion, set the place on fire and abducted them.

Jerome Faulkner, 73, and his wife Dora, 62, were killed after being taken from their home in Oak Hill, North Carolina, at 7am on New Year's Day by two men who also stole their SUV.

Police in Lewisburg, West Virginia found the couple's bodies around 4pm following a shootout with the suspects when officers pulled over the stolen white Chevrolet SUV being driven by 21-year-old Eric Alexander Campbell.

As police were talking to the suspect, his father, 54-year-old Edward Campbell, allegedly pulled alongside in a red SUV and opened fire on the officers, according to ABC11.

The father fled in his truck but was captured 90 minutes later in the woods. A search of his truck revealed two dead bodies under a mattress on the flatbed, according to WRAL.

A spokesman from the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department told Daily Mail Online on Friday that two officers were shot by the suspects and had been hospitalized but were going to be fine.

He said that the two cops had relatively new information as to the license plate of the stolen SUV when they apprehended the vehicle.  

Sheriff Brindell Wilkins, of Granville County, North Carolina, told the station that he believes the couple were killed at their home and their bodies loaded into the truck before the suspects fled into West Virginia.

The sheriff said that he believed that the motive as robbery and that the couple were randomly targeted, according to WRAL.

He said that the couple were 'wonderful people' and that Mr Faulkner was a retired fire chief with the Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department.

The couple's sons, one who is also a firefighter, were at the scene helping investigators.

According to reports, the sheriff said that first responders initially though that it was just a house fire and that the couple had left for a motel after a power cut but quickly realized that mailOnline was awaiting a response from the Granville County sheriff's department.

Lt. Michael Baylous, of the West Virginia State Police, said the driver of the white SUV fled the scene and hid but later turned himself in without incident.

He drove behind a guardrail on the interstate and hid but then eventually came out and handed himself in to police, according to WV Gazette.

Two male officers were injured in the shootout. One was grazed by the bullet and the other had impact injuries to his rib cage after a bullet struck his protective vest.