Maureen Renfro's Blog: I Don't Recognise Nigeria Anymore -Toke Makinwa's - Provoking Questions

Monday, January 12, 2015

I Don't Recognise Nigeria Anymore -Toke Makinwa's - Provoking Questions

Here is what Toke Makinwa wrote this morning..Just like Boris Kodjoe, she questioned why leaders are not marching in nigeria like world leaders did in Paris..
 "Just when we are still reeling from the news of 2,000 people massacred in Baga, 2 female suicide bombers blow  themselves up at the GSM market killing 4 people and injuring many others in Yobe state. I don't recognise Nigeria anymore, this is not my country, these are not my people, when and how did we get here??? In Rivers state there is violence, APC building burnt down , on the other hand somewhere else a PDP bus is burnt too. The election process is not a do or die is it???? So why the violence? Of what difference does it make to terrorism Vandalism should never be accepted.people are hurt in the process. Who are these people??? Should the elections be postponed? Will February be safe? Why is there a March with world leaders and religious leaders in Paris and here NOTHING! Of what value is a human life in Nigeria? At this rate is there a future for our unborn kids in Nigeria? No light, Bad roads, Bad leaders, Killings everywhere, Corruption..... Father have mercy on us today"