Maureen Renfro's Blog: Nobody Can Force Me To Get Married - Pasuma

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nobody Can Force Me To Get Married - Pasuma

Renowned fuji star, Pasuma has said he doesn't live with a woman .The 48 year old star who  reportedly has over half a dozen children out of wedlock came close to marrying actress Ayo Adesanya, but she broke his heart when their relationship became public..He has been very vocal about his love for her.In a new interview with the Netng, he explained why he is still a bachelor

I am comfortable. I think anything you do in this life; you just have to believe in yourself first. At the same time, if I am not ready to do anything, nobody can force me to do it. By now, I believe people should allow me live my life, they should just wait; it is my life. People should just leave me alone on that because I have the right to live whichever life pleases me. I am comfortable living without a wife, but I can’t shy away from the fact that I need someone to call my own under my roof. I know quite well that it’s better for me to have a wife which I will still do. So people should just wait, keep their fingers crossed and let me choose for myself....