Maureen Renfro's Blog: 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taking Advicing & Moving On With A Partner Who Cheated

 Hey guys, i know its been a long time i wrote anything about relationship, been having lots of questions sent to me lately so wanna help any one out there going through pains in their relationship... 

You love someone and they cheated on you its hard to forgive and forget but at the same time you don't wanna make decision you will regret for a long time. You might have friends around you saying stuff like oh drop him and all that no relationship is perfect they is ups and down yes they is betrayal that's the hardest to forget, it takes time but you will heal..

Healing: healing doesn't come from one person in that relationship it comes from you and your partner both of you must be ready to heal and do everything possible to heal forget and move on, I'm not talking about 2 weeks it takes time it depends on the dedication and the love you have for one and other. Communication is the key to healing.

 Moving on: Moving on isn't easy, you be thinking about a lot of things while trying to move on will he or she go back, will they do it again.. now you have the need to spy and look into everything your partner do, when you start doing that it means the trust in the relationship is gone now your partner have to make up for his or her betrayal show you they mean and ready to be with you.. if you do wanna move on from being hurt it takes two, both of you need to be dedicated to moving on if not it will never work. If you wanna move on you need to communicate about whatever hurt you (some people don't like to talk even when they hurting, please try and show how you feel if you cant talk about them)

Decision: Whatever you do don't let anybody make decisions for you in your relationship, or anything else in your life, they is nothing wrong with advice you can listen to them and take what you need from it if it ain't good then follower your heart. You don't need to talk to nobody to move on in your life about thing important to you..

 Here are  reasons why you shouldn't  listen to advice from others

1: you shouldn't listen cause whoever is giving the advice is inexperienced and doesn't really no what's best for you or understand you or they might just don't want the best for you ( yes we do have people out there who aren't happy because you are happy get use to it) that's why you should keep your relationship/problems to yourself

 2: you shouldn't listen cause, they just wanna listen so they can share with other, they is nothing worst than trusting someone with your pain and they are sharing it with someone else. Its wrong and that's another reason why you shouldn't.

3. When it’s women offering the advice, it’s a whole of lot of “how to avoid dating a jerk.” Either way, these people are way too cynical to be advising anyone and should just stick to angrily yelling at couples as they walk by in the park until they’re ready to rejoin the rest of us in the bar without making a scene. So to let you all know some people are angry and bitter and you do not wanna take advice from them trust me lol.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Take Advice From Others 

1: why you should seek advice; they might just be going through the same thing and need help too but have no one to share it with and when you have someone you share the same pain with you tend to make good choices together.

2: Someone who truly care about you, whether it’s your mother or your lifelong friend, will give you heartfelt words of wisdom. they wont want you to make bad choice they will give you advice and still let you make your own choice because they care about you and they want you to grow.

3: Take advice from someone who really wanna help, someone who is more experience in relationship, like your mother gran mother mother in-law name older people, they do give good advice and have experience one or two failure, we grow from our failure, what we fail in we tend to get back up stronger and better.